API3 benefit messaging needs to be more crisp and less abstract

When I look at the API3 website https://api3.org/, its just very difficult to immediately capture what is API3’s benefit over Chainlink/Band until you click Airnode section and get to the bottom of the page. Descriptions on the landing page feels abstract and for those who did not read the Whitepaper won’t understand the pros of API3. I say we get right into showing this on the front page.

I agree! We’re on it. But would love to hear any suggestions you might have.


I would show the above screengrab in the landing page towards the top with few improvements on the text. You only have few seconds to grab their attention and deliver the key messages which is relaying the advantages of 1st party oracle ,with other added benefits like insurance and DAO.

And then the updated partners section and investors.

What would be really cool is to show how much API calls or any other metrics to show that the product is being used. Also, animated videos could be good at telling the benefits of API3. Like this format https://www.youtube.com/c/Finematics/videos

Right now, the graphics and design look all sleek and cool but would not have much clue why this is better than Chainlink and Band.


The home page will pull in aspects of all the solution/monolith pages such as Airnode, the token, dAPIs, etc… It should be a high level view of the whole API3 ecosystem - the Web3 API economy.

What improvements would you make on the text?

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Agree with the holistic approach but would be good to have the exact benefits of using API3 instead of other providers. So i would just add that screengrab in the landing page. Text improvements i would expand more on accuracy/quality of the data. This is less abstract because this has a direct impact on their business model whether it be DeFi or other projects.

So my main message here is lets get right into emphasizing the most important differentiator of API3 which i think is the superior data quality and accuracy. Most of the useful contents are already all there across different pages, i would just focus on the top half of the landing page to immediately convey what API3 is really about and why its unique.