API3 DAO Tracker

This is my first post on this forum, in which I want to share API3 DAO Tracker, a tool where you can browse all the on-chain history of API3 DAO, based on events log of its smart contracts.

  • I strongly believe such tool may be very useful to existing DAO members as well as for new comers.
  • With it you can check any wallets’ or any votings’ history, see voting power and delegations
  • It was done mainly to see and show the real structure of the DAO in real-time and bring more transparency to it, as API3 dashboard functionality is really limited to your own stakes.
  • What makes it better than staking dashboard - the tool doesn’t require Metamask connection,you can watch your stakes and rewards distributions.
  • The tool is open sourced, there is a link in a footer to go to the Github and check all the code
  • Any kind of feedback is welcome here or on Discord, for reporting bugs please create issues on Github (there are plenty of them as on chain event logs are incomplete and there is still stuff to do to make it perfect)
  • Mobile functionality is limited so far. Please use bigger screen for better experience

thanks for your attention and happy London day.


Really amazing work! :smiley: :api3:


This is amazing and also a symbolic one. One of the first few products from non-core team.

I’m sure the community are willing to fund your efforts, if you have anything more on the way.


I think this is great - really nice site, incredibly useful information, and even nailed the colour scheme. Amazing work


Awesome work, thank you!!

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Thank you for putting this together :ok_hand:

Very impressive, you’re inspiring me to get my hands dirty :+1:

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I’ve noticed that in some cases, the ENS names associated with certain addresses aren’t visible in the main wallet list and even among the delegating addresses. Were the names inputted manually for the ones which can be seen, or is there some other reason for this?

This is amazing. Thank you for creating this tool and sharing it with the rest of the community.

Regarding ENS:

  1. They are NOT manually inputted, but they are not loaded in real time (may be yet)
    They are re-read when new version is published which is typically every day or two.
    So if you just purchased it, it may take a while to appear.

  2. It is not enough to purchase ENS name, you need to set up reverse address record on it, this is done as a separate transaction which is easy to miss when you are doing it the first time.

So the rule of thumb to appear here is to double check for reverse record and wait for a day, and your name will be reflected.

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Impressive functionality and highly performant- I enjoyed skimming the rust codebase!

This is great. Thank you creating and sharing it.

I personally use this almost day to day, thank you for building it.

From the core technical team perspective, this covers some of the features that we were planning to implement in a satisfactory way, and have effectively reduced our workload/freed up our resources to work on other things. As a result, we added a retrospective grant item in our upcoming proposal for the development and maintenance of this [Secondary Proposal 6] Core Technical Team, August–October 2021


If you’re open to feature requests, I think it’d be great if you could add the ability to open a given wallet on Etherscan after having opened it from the wallet list

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Hey @enormous, I’m not able to use it anymore. Is it down?


It’s back up as of a few minutes ago