# API3 Latam Bi-weekly Happenings #1

Hey community, this is the first edition of the brief bi-weekly report about the events on API3Latam. Here we are again with the latest news about what’s been happening with our work and progress this last weeks!

Social Media

This was one of the bussiest weeks in terms of social media, with different content approach, but always giving importance to WEB3 development being API3 a main focus to it.


Our favorite social media, where all this months we’ve handle interactions and audience masses to a great extent.

In the period corresponding to this update we reached these milestones:

  • Impressions: 32.5K with an average of 2K per day.
  • Likes: 334 with an average of 21 per day.
  • Retweets: 123 with an average of 8 per day.
  • Links: 74 Clicks with an average of 5 per day.
  • Replies: 28 with an average of 2 per day.
  • Engagement: 3% with a peak of 7.3%.

What is Quantumon?:space_invader:

Bounty RSK + API3

What is a dAPI?

Owner Oracles vs Third parts

#TwitterSpace with @BFXLeosESP

The web 3.0, a more mundane but equally wonderful reality

API3 Market

Now you can try #QRNG :game_die:!

API3 Market is here :white_check_mark:

Why API3 DAO and not API3 CORP?:face_with_monocle:

Women and their role on the Web 3.0

#TwitterSpace Bounty RSK + API3

What is Airnode?:bulb:

Play the #TwitterSpace with RSK

API3: Connecting the Blockchain with the Digital World


Its main purpose is to be a channel dedicated solely to the dissemination and reminder of events, posts or initiatives, where we could have deeper chats with our community about the topics they have an interest in dealing with.

Join and participate!

Translated posts

Our main flag is to be able to connect API3DAO with our Spanish speaking communities, that’s why we constantly translate some API3DAO official Medium blog posts


Oráculos Propietarios vs Terceros
¿Por qué API3 DAO y no API3 CORP?
API3: Conectando el Blockchain con el Mundo Digital

Original Content

Creating value content that is lined up with the API3DAO values and principles is extremely rewarding, taking into account the good reception we get from our communities.


La web 3.0, una realidad más mundana pero igualmente maravillosa
Las mujeres y su papel en la Web 3.0

Stay tuned for our next updates.


Thanks Diego, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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