API3.org website redesign with Ramotion

API3.org website redesign with Ramotion

Period: 2/2023 - 6/2023

Amount: 196,735 USDC

Destination: 0xE0D6480ae69e7C4928a3F45E6cf5651e52741EC0*

*The destination is a hardware wallet owned by Heikki.


This is a proposal for a complete redesign of the main api3.org website. Its purpose is to create a content framework that fits the current state of the project and provides visitors and API3 project stakeholders with a more intuitive way of reaching the information as well as the ecosystem functions they need. In addition to site restructuring, the project may include updates to the visual brand identity of API3.

Why redesign the website?

The current website was created at a time when many of the functions currently inseparable from the project, such as the authoritative DAO dashboard with staking, the documentation site, the ecosystem tracker and the dAPI market had not yet been launched. Due to this, in the early days the focus of the website was in informing its visitors about the vision and future features of the API3 project and to attract contributors to the project. This formed the relatively informational and copy-heavy site structure one experiences when visiting api3.org today.

In the two years since the launch of the original site and after gaining the aforementioned ecosystem utilities, we feel the information and copy-heavy approach of api3.org no longer best serves the project and its stakeholders. Adding more sections to the original framework has also caused the site to become somewhat bloated, since the framework was created when the site housed much less content and fewer sections and subpages than it does today.

In our opinion, the distributed nature of the ecosystem that has grown around API3 necessitates a site structure that is more modular than the current one, and can more effectively direct key stakeholders to the resources relevant to them, without them having to browse through paragraphs upon paragraphs of conceptual information before finding what they need. What we suggest as a better alternative, is using api3.org as something of a modular hub that intuitively extends to external (such as ChainAPI) or semi-attached (such as market.api3.org, docs.api3.org) resources and more effectively fulfils the visitors’ practical needs.

Who will we be working with?

In designing and implementing the site, we will work with Ramotion, a San Francisco-based team of multidisciplinary digital product experts focused on branding, UI/UX design, mobile, and web development. In the past, they have worked with brands such as Mozilla/Firefox, Netflix, Turo, Wyre and Salesforce.

Before selecting Ramotion as the partner for the proposed project, we went through a multi-step selection process which started with a list of dozens of potential digital agencies and eventually got narrowed down to a shortlist of 3 agencies. After a minimum of two cycles of meetings with each of the three and receiving project proposals from the candidate agencies, Ramotion was selected as the winner based on their proposal. For purposes of not disclosing any potentially classified competitive information, we will not publish their actual proposal, but will paraphrase it in this DAO proposal where relevant.

In addition to Ramotion, the project will be managed and overseen by current active API3 team members to ensure alignment with API3 vision and mission, as well as the security of the site implementation.

API3 team

From API3, the project will be managed by Can from the Marketing team, overseen for vision and mission alignment by Heikki from the Operations team and for implementation security by Markus from the Core Technical Team.

Ramotion team

1 x Project manager
1 x Lead Strategist
1 x Brand Strategist
1 x Lead Designer
1 x Visual Designer
1 x UI/UX Designer
1 x Front-end Engineer
1 x QA Engineer

Proposal Deliverables

API3.org design and development

  • Responsive website design
  • Front-end development
  • CMS implementation

Brand personality

  • Brand audit and support


  • Iconography, iconography scale & illustrative guidelines
  • Photo usage recommendations

Project roadmap

  1. Discovery
  2. Audit
  3. Website structure
  4. Design concept
  5. Layout design
  6. Visual design
  7. Structure development
  8. Front-end development
  9. Visual content
  10. Integrations
  11. Maintenance (optional)

Project timeline

The project is estimated to be delivered within 4 months of this proposal passing.


Ramotion - $171,350 USD
Can - $7500 (Can is paid by the Communications team until the end of February. This grant is to cover the remaining 3 months after the conclusion of the communications proposal cycle)
Heikki - $0
Markus - $0
Buffer 10% - $17,885

Total: $196,735

The funds will be distributed from a hardware wallet owned by Heikki.


This is extremely well put together as a proposal, thanks. I’m excited about the outcome.


Great proposal :slight_smile:

My only hope/suggestion is that they avoid technologies that vendor-lock in API3. The site should ideally be a single page app with no backend, rebuilt only when content is changed. This would avoid unforeseen future costs, improve the responsiveness and make it easy to defend against DoS attacks.


How is the progress? @heikki

Hey sorry about the delayed reply here. We decided to delay the launch a bit just to align with some product-side updates. So in a nutshell, the site is done, currently undergoing final testing, and will be published soon in unison with the other updates.

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New site is now live. We will work to fix any minor bugs we may have missed. Once this polishing work has been concluded, any remaining funds will be returned to the DAO secondary agent.


With $196,735 originally requested and two extra rounds of revisions (one $5k and one $2825), the overage came to: 196,735 - (171,350 + 7500 + 5,000 + 2825) = 10,060

10,060 USDC has been returned to the DAO secondary treasury. Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan