[Community Initiative] Artistry Contest 1.0

We are happy to announce our first Community Initiative that introduces the start of our newly established API3 Community Resources, an index that collects and rewards high quality content submissions by the community through initiatives.

As pictures often say more than a thousand words, we are calling on your creativity in this week’s initiative. Take part in our Artistry Contest 1.0 and give free rein to your imagination by creating stickers for our community channels that represent the API3 project in an artful manner.

The contest lasts from September 27th to October 5th, 4:00pm UTC. After the deadline is reached, the Community Management team will preselect the best submissions and put them up to a vote for 48h. The top two submissions will receive API3 token rewards.


To participate in our Community Initiative, please submit your stickers for both Discord and Telegram by replying to this topic. Multiple submissions are allowed and the dimensions are as follows:

  • Discord: 320x320

  • Telegram: 512x512

After you submitted your content, please fill in this form.

Content Criteria

Submitted content has to meet the following requirements to qualify for the listing on API3 Community Resources:

  • needs to represent the API3 project

  • cannot include any copyrighted material without proof of approval/written consent

  • cannot be divisive or controversial

  • has to suit the API3 brand

Note: This topic only serves for content submission.

For questions or general discussions about API3 Community Initiatives, please visit our Discord and use the dedicated channel #initiatives.




Let me be the first one, API3 to zhe moon!

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sticker (3)

Here are a few sticker’s I designed using Fiverr - highly recommend them for those of us who are not digital artists (like me).
This piece was inspired by a friend’s idea - the Ape P.I. - the investigator of all things oracles, constantly on the hunt to find any solution that is better than the Airnode, and educates the community on why the API3 Airnode is the superior solution for trusted direct data


Thank you for your participation in our Artistry Contest 1.0.

@SnakePlissken brought up a valid point. In case you have ideas for artwork but are unable to create it yourself, feel free to contact to someone to realize your ideas. This is not against the rules.

As a reminder, please make sure to submit your stickers using the correct dimensions. The submitted images do not have the correct image resolution.

The dimensions are as follows:

Discord: 320x320
Telegram: 512x512



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APE PI - small

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My brother and I designed some darker, more mysterious, and cooler pictures. It’s a pity that I lost to him. He used the time I spent designing one picture to design two. :rofl:


Eye of Providence, awesome, brother, you should design works for rekt

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I rly like some of the more recent stuff in here :ok_hand:

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Meet Nacho. Made out of coi(r)n, three corners and cheesy.
More coming later but I can only add one picture per post :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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That’s a default setting in Discourse. I think it’s adjusted now. Let me know if you still can’t.

It is still restricted to 4 pictures but much better! thank you so much!!!

That’s for new users AFAIK. The more you post legit stuff and prove to the gods you’re not a spammer the more it lets you do.


Personification of API3



Thank you, the API3 logo reminds me of the pyramids of ancient Egypt, so I designed this “Eye of Horus”. I own a lot of API3. I hope this design can bring wealth to every API3 token owner. Wisdom and longevity.

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