[Community Initiative] Thinkathon 2.0

For the following two weeks, we are hosting a special Community Initiative - the API3 Thinkathon 2.0. With this contest, we are giving visionaries who cannot actively participate in the Bitcoin Bankathon a chance to support this effort.

In order to participate, please illustrate a concept that could help to tackle at least one of the five challenges of the hackathon. The goal is to build a pool of project ideas that participants of the Bitcoin Bankathon who are still looking for inspiration could draw from to further build upon. This Community Initiative also gives participants the chance to catch the attention of developers that take part in the hackathon for possible collaboration. Submissions do not require highly technical descriptions.

The contest lasts from the 16th to 30th November, 4:00pm UTC. After the deadline is reached, the Community Management team will select the best submissions that will be rewarded with API3 tokens.


To participate in our Community Initiative, please submit your idea and make sure that it meets our content criteria. After you submitted your idea, please fill in this form. Multiple submissions are allowed.

Content Criteria

  • needs to address one of the challenges of the Bitcoin Bankathon
  • needs to be submitted in textual form
  • cannot include any copyrighted material without proof of approval/written consent
  • cannot be divisive or controversial

Note: This topic only serves for content submission.

For questions or general discussions about API3 Community Initiatives, please visit our Discord and use the dedicated channel #initiatives.


I would like to tackle the climate change challenge.

For this, I propose a decentralized energy market that brings together renewable energy providers and consumers without the need of middlemen. This could be done through a smart contract platform that allows the trading of energy in a trustless manner. Anyone who produces and consumes renewable energy could register on this platform through an application that allows trading around the clock. Energy providers would benefit from improved compensation because there is no middleman tax and energy consumer would benefit from lower costs.

Additionally, providers can choose whether or not they want to sell their services in exchange for fiat money or the platform’s native tokens. As the platform grows and more and more energy producers offer their services on it, the demand for the token grows as well.

I believe a decentralized market for renewable energy could become a global success because both customers and producers would benefit from it and so would the world’s climate.

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Hello @LingusNingus and welcome to the API3 forum.

Thank you for your contribution. Your idea reminds me of a project called SunContract that I have been following for the past few years. I like the idea of a decentralized energy market with easy access for everyone. :+1:

I’d like to tackle climate change.

  1. blockchain connects energy providers & consumers
  2. energy providers & consumers’ own network via tokens
  3. energy providers earn tokens for ratings > no reliance on arbitrage
  4. provider earn tokens for sharing > incentivize reducing CO2

To empowering woman we need decentralize credit platform for SME/community/project lead or organized by women

Mechanism (example):

  • project /community deposit $100 to open banking
  • the fund that they deposit will be invested on $btc by open banking
  • the project/community can get credit valued $1000 (w 1000% credit score) in $API3 token
  • the more women project/community join to the alliance the more higher credit score percentage they can get, which is the more credit fund they can get

Women are usually undermined in comparison to men. That’s because it is going in for generations, even in professional fields women suffer due to gender.

But now one field where both men and women are equal is web3 development.

It’s a new domain for both. So if we encourage women to learn web3 development then it could be a huge win. We can have women’s special batches and hackathons to empower them.

Instead of trying to capture a male dominant field and wasting our efforts there, we could help women in web3 and uplift them, which would make them financially empowered for sure.

The submissions for the API3 Thinkathon 2.0 are closed. Thank you for your contributions. The Community Management team will now work on selecting the best submissions.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the API3 Thinkathon 2.0.

We would like to congratulate the two winners of this contest - LingusNingus and AirdropHunter.

Both winners will receive API3 token rewards.