Community Report - September 2022

Community Report - September 2022

This report provides statistics regarding community growth and engagement of September 2022, including comparison charts that show changes over the past 30 days.

API3 Community Members (30th September 2022)








Messages (2)

Note: Statistics above do not include any messages exchanged through the TG<->Discord bridge.

Top channels (2)





Note: Statistics do not include any messages exchanged through the TG<->Discord bridge.




Note: The engagement rate is the percentage of users who view and engage with posts by the API3 Twitter account. It is calculated by the number of engagements (comments, retweets, likes) divided by the number of impressions (and multiplied by 100 to get the actual %).






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Thanks @Marcus ! I have a bit of trouble interpreting trends in these reports when the comparison is only with the previous month. What about having all historical months for which there are data?

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Hello @dcroote and thanks for your feedback. I agree with you, and that’s why I will do a separate report every six months to show the trend of half a year. When I started writing these reports back in June, I released this five-month report instead of doing one report for each of the missed months for the reason that you pointed out.

The monthly reports mainly serve the purpose of providing the DAO with actual numbers regarding community growth and engagement on a monthly basis, while the six-month reports provide a better overview of trends.

Hi @Marcus, thanks and I quite like the 5-month report graphics you linked to. Why not have these in every monthly report? Every 6 mo for a trend view seems far too infrequent for a dynamic industry like crypto. If the reason is related to monthly engagement numbers, why not have two sections: one for more granular monthly statists and a second for trends?


Thanks for your input, @dcroote. I think your suggestion to have two sections is decent. I planned to release the report for October today, but I am going to change a few things because you raised some good points.

The initial idea when I started writing these reports was to have quarterly comparisons for a trend overview but when I created the drafts, I noticed how external factors that aren’t in our control may cause short-lived spikes in community growth and engagement that could be misleading, especially on a short timescale due to the lack of reference values.

I am going to finish the new report by early next week and I am looking forward to your feedback.

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