Community Resources

Participate in API3 community content creation, growth and advocacy.

API3 Community Resources is an index of content that grows through Community Initiatives. Only creations of the highest quality that fit our desired brand image will be added to the index. Furthermore, the best submissions will be rewarded with specifically designated prizes.

Each Community Initiative will have its own topic for submissions within the Community Resources forum category. It will consist of a mission with clear instructions, requirements for participation, specific rewards and a set deadline for submissions. To take part in a Community Initiative, Discourse and Discord membership is required.

Apart from rewards, an incentive for people to participate in initiatives could be to find recognition within the community (which would help with delegations and thus, voting power) or to reach professional goals. Thus, aspiring designers, authors or video creators might see a chance to put their foot down in this industry as businesses or even the DAO itself might become aware of their specific skills for further collaboration. Community members who show great engagement will further be awarded with forum badges that acknowledge their efforts.

Ultimately, we hope API3 Community Resources will become a growing resource of quality content that would be complementary to our official publications.


  1. Artistry Contest 1.0
  1. Workathon 1.0


  1. Thinkathon 1.0
  1. Thinkathon 2.0