Competitor that is ahead of us on DeFi? thoughts?


That sort of assertation is subjective to which ever tech stack becomes accepted and standardized across the finance industry, which at this point, is anyone’s guess.

There is still a lot of innovation occurring that could disrupt even established protocols.

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Yes i was genuinely curious for communities view on it and how we fare against them

Nicely made newsletter. Once a hypothesis is proven to be attractive (like 1st party oracles), competition will move in rapidly. And Web 3 moves even quicker than Web 2

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Again and again its confirming first oracle is the right way to go. What I’m impressed with them is that they have such a clear target audience and product to suit them. i.e. DeFi.

@Jacob_R - large number of them have close ties to Solana but there are a few established/traditional names for BD opps. If they’ve already decided to become data providers, they can also work with API3? provided no exclusive agreements. Maybe some of your VCs can facilitate this

“Examples of such data publishers in our network include Jump Trading Group, GTS, LMAX, Virtu, BSX, Genesis Global Trading, Serum, FTX, CTC, and more to be announced.”

Thank you - yes they can also work with API3 to your point barring any exclusivity

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