Delegate Pitch - Kiyo

Hi all,

Since nobody has posted here yet, I will throw my hat in the ring as a delegate for API3 - and hopefully kickstart others posting here, too. I will be voting on every proposal and have an active interest in the project’s long-term success.

My involvement in the core team has mainly been around community management - when I joined the project, it was still very much in it’s infancy. I played an early role in shaping and fostering API3’s community management: passing feedback on from the community to the team and answering any questions where I could.

A few key principles will be the driving factor for my votes in governance:

  • Decentralisation
    This is the main focus to me, and is what drew me into smart contracts in the first place. I have shown a keen interest in projects like Kleros, DXdao, Yearn in the past, mainly due to my fascination with decentralised/community governance. My voting power will go towards the decentralisation of API3.
  • Sustainable growth
    The ecosystem is in it’s infancy, and there are a lot of unsustainable business practises employed in the smart contract world that are not beneficial for the long-term health of a project. My votes in API3 governance will have a focus on maintaining long-term, sustainable growth in the project.
  • Innovation
    I will vote for and encourage sensible proposals that utilize our treasury to expand the API3 ecosystem and invest in our future.

If the above aligns with your view of the future of API3, delegate to my address: