Delegate Pitch - Ryan Boder (ryan.boder.eth)

Hello! I’m Ryan, the API3 Marketing team lead. My goal is to maximize adoption of API3.

My background is healthy mix of engineering, marketing, startups, and strategy. I was a professional software developer for more than a decade before moving into marketing and business consulting. I still love to code and do it when I can. As a former professional dev, I can empathize with our primary target users - developers - quite well.

I’ve always been an advocate for open source software, privacy, freedom, and transparency. I began my career hacking the Linux kernel with a particular focus on network protocol research. I have a lot of experience with web APIs. I joined API3 in early 2021 because I believe in the mission and can clearly see the massive opportunity this project represents.

My voting is biased toward getting real Web3 projects using API3 and Airnode in production as soon as possible. I’m relatively experienced compared to many in this young industry. I appreciate the importance of strategy, market positioning, brand awareness, network effect, and product-led growth.

I have demonstrated a willingness to listen to the API3 community and be receptive to feedback. As your delegate, I would be more empowered to represent the best interests of you - the API3 DAO and community.

If this fits your perspective and you don’t want to vote yourself, I ask you to let me be your delegate.

Delegate To: ryan.boder.eth

How To Delegate

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Hi Ryan,

I sincerely enjoyed reading your pitch and would like to learn more on your stance on where API3 is heading and what can be improved. I myself do not have the means to vote continuously and would like to delegate my vote but would like to know more about your experience.

I see you are active and responsive in the discord whenever marketing questions are brought up and I appreciate your transparency when you do answer.

I’m very supportive of where API3 is heading but I’m deeply involved in the project so that stands to reason. I think there are always ways we can improve but I’m not advocating a major change in direction. I’m just trying to convey how I would tend to vote on proposals.

In my opinion the most important thing we must do right now is get production dapps using Airnode First-Party APIs and derivative products like Beacons and dAPIs as soon and widely as possible. I would tend to vote for things that lead to real-world adoption and brand-building. Examples are

  • I played a key role in organizing and promoting the Bitcoin Bankathon which resulted in increased brand recognition, credibility, and opportunities in Latin America
  • I support the effort to get university groups involved in governance
  • I support the Messari Research proposal
  • I intend to submit a proposal soon to help us make a bigger impact at ETHDenver
  • I’m helping create an accelerator to facilitate proof-of-concepts built with API3 getting productionized and launched

I’ve been around long enough to see superior technology lose out to lesser tech that’s better marketed. I will vote in the DAO to favor proposals that market API3 well.

LinkedIn is probably the best place to look if you want to know more about my background.

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I like your stance on the issues you brought up. Your commitment and detailed descriptions show how involved you are. Glad to see a member like you on the team.

Your qualifications on Linkedin are top notch mate! I sent you a request to connect.

You’ve got my delegation.

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Have read through your post and am comfortable delegating my voting power to you.



Let me know if you need any help with delegation. :wink: