Delegation Pitch - Blockchain@Columbia

Hey everyone! Blockchain@Columbia would love to participate in API3 governance and have the delegations to do so!

For those not familiar with us, Blockchain@Columbia (est. 2017) is a student-led organization of mostly undergraduates that engages with the blockchain community and provides opportunities for our members and the broader ecosystem. B@C currently consists of 32 officers and 5 board members with over 200 community participants across New York City.

Here are some activities, responsibilities, and roles that B@C has facilitated:

  1. Fostering education and discussion of decentralized organizations and digital assets. This is done by teaching free courses on campus and hosting regular events of various sizes on Columbia University’s campus for NYC students (weekly discussions, speaker events, and larger conferences such as our annual Ledger Fest conference). B@C members have also been involved in setting the curriculum for new blockchain-related courses on campus.
  2. Facilitating technical blockchain R&D internally and rewarding grants to NYC students doing so. This includes academic papers and open source development/contributions.
  3. Voting on proposals as a delegate to DAOs, such as Uniswap and Compound.
  4. Producing educational content and thought leadership on various web3 related concepts and technologies.
  5. Providing a space for students to communicate and build relationships with others interested in distributed ledger technology.

We recently launched Lion DAO to help govern and allocate capital to the org. For more info please see: Lion DAO — Mirror

Blockchain@Columbia votes according to these main principles: 1. Increasing the accessibility, scalability, and longevity of the protocol; 2. Fair oversight of each proposal (should it be approved) by a neutral third-party; 3. Staying competitive with with offerings; 4. Clear and straightforward plan of action if the proposal is approved; 5. Proper surveying of alternatives whether it’s service providers, treasury management, etc.

Our eth address for delegations is: 0xdC1F98682F4F8a5c6d54F345F448437b83f5E432

Hope to get some delegations and participate in API3 governance!


Welcome! Very glad to have you here! I hope to see you participating in #governance-meta and #proposals-official !

can confirm these guys are legit

BlockVenture is pleased to recommend Alex and Blockchain@Columbia. We have known the Columbia group since 2018 and we used to attend their crypto game night in NYC. They’ve set up industry conferences which we’ve attended, and they recently structured their club as a DAO. Alex is very involved in the industry and runs his own podcast. We are confident in their team to make a positive impact in API3’s DAO governance.

Welcome! And thanks for participating.

I learn about the Lion DAO from BEN’s YouTube video. Really inspired how you guys set it up and would like to do similar for our club at Albany.

Super cool!