Delegation Pitch - Drexel University

Hello! We are Drexel Blockchain - one of the most promising student-led organizations in the Philadelphia area.

Why is that? Our club is formed by undergraduate and graduate students innovating in the blockchain space. We have a lot of young talent that’s ready to get involved in the blockchain space and give back to the community through the API3 delegation.

With more than 150 members, we provide a community of blockchain leaders from various academic backgrounds and a space for them to exchange ideas and form connections. We are facilitating educational workshops and courses for our members on topics like DeFi, crypto, or blockchain technology in general.

We’ve been active on a national and international level, being helped by organizations like BlockVenture, the Blockchain Education Network (B.E.N), or the Blockchain Acceleration Foundation (B.A.F).

We’re ready to be delegators and impartial voters. We are solely interested in investing in API3’s future.

Our principles for casting our votes:

  1. Transparency - shared, clear reasoning behind our votes
  2. Independent-mindedness - basing votes on personal examination of facts, full and rich discussion prior to voting
  3. Accessibility - we are increasing the exposure of the protocol to our University community and beyond
  4. Sustainable growth - with a long-term mindset, we acknowledge that every decision should nurture a continuing success
  5. Leading-edge - we want to invest in innovation and advance the API3 ecosystem

We are very excited about the prospect of participating in the API3 governance!

Our ETH address: 0x68A6143e78AfD4Ef153167F54ba18428860F9F10

Hi friends and welcome - just wanted to highlight similar points from my post in U of Albany’s pitch, that currently the solicited address is empty/inactive/not staking in the governance contract (which of course is necessary for voting/proposals), and would love to hear more about what brought you here/specific visions for API3.

BlockVenture is pleased to recommend Anca and Drexel Blockchain. We have known Anca since 2019 and got to meet her on campus at Drexel. She’s participated in BlockVenture’s past initiatives and she’s great at thinking about the intersection of business and technology. We are confident in Drexel Blockchain’s team ability to make a positive impact in API3’s DAO governance.