Delegation Pitch - Erich

Hi everyone,

I’m Erich Dylus, full-time counsel for the API3 Foundation (legal wrapper for the API3 DAO), and I’d like to provide some context on my values and approach to API3 DAO governance. I’m primarily focused on the longevity, compliance, and transparency of API3, and will endeavor to vote in a manner that preserves these values. To me, the API3 DAO is as effective and decentralized as (i) the knowledge surrounding the DAO’s processes and aims, (ii) the non-confidential development progress, and (iii) the long-term mission are each as publicly accessible as possible and seek alignment where possible. I strive to contribute to the transparent processes of the DAO by staying engaged with bona fide members of the community and by open-sourcing/publishing as much work as I can to develop the wider ecosystem and lessen information asymmetry. As an example, I recently hosted a community call on API3’s legal structuring.

I intend to vote on every DAO Proposal which does not pose a material conflict of interest (as set forth in my disclosure linked below). Any proposals I initiate will be provided with sufficient lead time for public discussion and feedback, with an eye towards first garnering some off-chain consensus and support.

If you are interested in delegating voting power to me at erichdylus.eth, please read my Voting Power Delegation Disclosure in full (also signed on-chain on Rinkeby, as linked here).

My address is erichdylus.eth (0xb7f49E02552751b249caE86959fD50D887708B1D) – thanks for your time and contributions to API3 DAO.