Deploying the oracle on other chains

There are a lot of use cases out there for the oracle outside of the Ethereum blockchain. If the community is interested IECC would like to explore deploying the oracle on some of these other chains so that Dev teams everywhere could access it regardless of the chain they are working on. If my memory serves me correctly there are already some people working on deployment/compatibility with AVAX and a few other chains ( Feel free to drop any ongoing projects you know of in the replies so we could get an idea of where out focus should be) Specifically we’re interested In deployment on Constellation DAG as their mainnet 2.0 is launching in Q2 2022 with a focus on laying foundations for a Dev friendly Chain. given the large amount of projects looking to migrate to DAG we think it would be a good place to start as many of these teams could use a data gathering tool such as the oracle. DAG does not yet have an oracle project deployed on chain and it feels to us like a big opportunity for whatever project claims that space. If the community is interested in this we will put together a more formal proposal. Would also love to get feedback on any other promising chains which people feel have a similar oracle shaped void ready to be filled :+1:

Dor Miner was also launched recently on DAG which could have some interesting interactions with the oracle

Airnode consists of the node portion (a nodejs app that runs in the cloud) and the Airnode RRP contract runs on-chain.

It’s easy to deploy the AirnodeRRP contract to EVM-compatible chains using AirnodeRRP.sol. If the chain isn’t EVM compatible then it would be quite a big undertaking as the on-chain portion would have to be written almost from scratch.

Is Constellation DAG EVM compatible?

There are a quite a few EVM chains the core tech team intends to deploy on (based on demand) in addition to Ethereum. But it’s reasonably to do yourself if you need one that they haven’t deployed on.

Yup! They are EVM compatible.

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