Do we need an API3 Community Newsletter?

It’s really exciting seeing the pace that the API3 ecosystem is growing.
I’m not sure about everyone else but this means increasingly it’s super hard for me to keep up with everything!

Are most of the updates (key proposals, new subdaos, token drop, api alliances, etc) captured in the monthly development updates or would a monthly API3 community newsletter summarising stuff be helpful?

The newsletter could also contain blogs written by community members (increasing community engagement), link to key tweets etc that the community might have missed (e.g. the tweet threads shared by FilthyCasual)


Hi Hammer,

Thank you for sharing your suggestions regarding the newsletter and glad to hear you are noticing our ecosystem growing.

We are aligned in our thinking as we have been sending newsletters to both the Community, as well as our API Partners. The nuances around content / features are noted and will be considered - from my own POV we need to ensure that we are delivering valued & relevant content and all these are great points for the future, in particular it makes sense highlighting key posts from within the forum.

Regarding the co-creation of blog posts or newsletters by community members, we have noticed community posted content on Hackernoon and we are looking at how we can expand this channel.

If a community member wanted to post about API3 and our ecosystem, we would be happy to collaborate where appropriate. If there is ever a topic you would like to personally write about feel free to private message me for a further discussion.

Many thanks


As the project grows with different moving parts, i think it would be good to have one monthly summary email that captures all of the main highlights of API3 DAO as a whole. Literally, 6-7 bullet points per month with additional hyperlinks will be very effective as crypto insiders are hammered with all the new launches and updates.

Method not sure, probably we can outsource to API3 Maxi group folks with the final review/edit done by the marketing team