Eastern Illinois community college Blockchain Club Delegation Pitch

Hello API3, The IECC Blockchain Club would love the opportunity to participate in API3 governance and have the delegations to go about it. The IECC Blockchain Club is a student-led organization made up of students across the Eastern Illinois community college campuses representing a total student population of 20,000 students. We are also in the beginning stages of opening up other chapters across the big ten campuses of IU, Purdue, Illinois, and Northwestern. The main goal of the club is to engage with our local community to provide education on a broad range of topics ranging from DeFi and banklessness to Staking and community driven DAOs. We are currently Partnering with UMA and Binance to bring blockchain accessibility and courses to community college campuses across the states of Illinois and Indiana in an effort to combat inequitable allocation of educational and financial resources. People outside of the traditional tech centers of America like San Francisco and Miami often have very little access to the wider cryptocurrency world and even inside our home state of Illinois nearly all potential resources are located in Chicago with those outside of the city left with essentially nothing. The original goal of Satoshi was to provide the people of the world with a financial system that THEY could control, how can we begin to go about this if the blockchain and knowledge on how to participate on it aren’t even accessible to everyone? We believe that while community colleges may not be as prestigious as other more well known universities, they are still full of students just as bright and passionate as any other university’s students. Due to this we want to ensure that these students have equal opportunities to participate and learn within the growing blockchain industry. We also believe that projects and companies in this space should ensure that these communities which are underrepresented in the space have a voice and that these projects should be involved in helping to provide these students with that voice through governance. Finally, we believe that for governance through a DAO to work it needs to bring together as many people as possible to engage in governance. Our club currently has over 50 members with a goal of expanding to well over 200 by spring and we hope to allow all club members to participate in the governance process as well as be active in the community through Bi-weekly meetings on vote proposals. Due to this we would like to propose that API3 bring on the IECC Blockchain Club to participate in delegation and API3 governance.

Our eth address for delegations is 0x918ad45CeA17501D971933Aa782265d954a9d2B2


Hello Nicholas and welcome to API3. Kudos to your enthusiasm about bringing blockchain closer to the people. I agree that gaining access to crypto isn’t easy if not almost impossible for a lot of people across the globe for different reasons. Breaking down those barriers and help people to educate themselves about blockchain is an important goal.

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Thank you for the response Marcus! Glad to see members of the core team care about accessibility and ensuring that API3 is something everyone can have the opportunity to participate in.

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