:api3: [Example] - Ugur Mersinlioglu


Hey guys!

I know that voting on-chain is expensive and keeping track of all the developments of the project and constantly voting on every single proposal while weighing the pros and cons can be tiring.

I officially propose myself as a delegator for those of you who share my values and beliefs - I will be voting and trying to push the project forward in accordance with them.

I am Ugur and I have been an official member of API3 since January 2021. I have been working on the business development team as well as on the marketing team during my time here. Most of you probably know me from our bi-weekly community calls as well as giving a helping :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: on our Telegram.

What do I stand for and why should you delegate your voting power to me:

Transparency - I’m a big believer in the fact that all information (wherever strategically possible) should be made available to all members of the DAO at all times. If you delegate your votes to me I will inform you (through a general post) of my vote on a proposal and my reasoning behind it. This allows you full insight into what I do with your voting power and to act accordingly if my decision making does not reflect yours.

Longevity - I believe in the massive potential of API3 in the long term - otherwise I would not be working here and dedicating all my time into this project. With this in mind, I want to assure you that any decisions I take, will always be in favour of the long-term success of the project over short-term gains.

Drive - I have a lot of ideas for the DAO including things like a) treasury management b) region specific marketing and engagement generation as well as c) proactive community management and growth. I will continue to drive this project forward with everything I have.

If you have any specific questions around my ideas, what I have been working on for API3 or my credentials, please feel free to approach me.

Additionally, I want to mention that I will be using Erich Dylus’ Vote Delegation Disclosure to make you aware of any potential conflicts of interest that might exist due to my (financial/work) involvement or attachment (friends/etc) in other projects.

Here is my ETH-address: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
You can also use my ENS.Domain: ugurmersin.eth

Thank you for your time and happy delegating.



This was a rough outline of how I personally would set a delegation pitch up. Please do not see this as a definitive template. Feel free to convince DAO members in your own way.