I cannot unstake my API3 staked tokens

the network won’t allow for me to unstable my API3 tokens. I get through to the confirmation tab but every time I click ‘unstake tokens’ nothing happens and I have to click the close tab to remove the window. Anyone else experience this. I am doing it on google chrome using wallet connect on the ETH network

Freudian slip after yesterday’s market? :smiley:

So from the video in the docs

You initiate unstaking and it works.

Then you try to confirm initiating unstaking but when you click “Initiate unstaking” this second time to confirm, nothing happens?

Does your wallet prompt you to sign the transaction?

I have tried that Ryan but it still won’t let me. It keeps popping up with an error every time I accept the unstake and then accept the gas’s fees from my wallet.

Hello Jake,

Please provide us with more information.

a) Which Web3 wallet are you using on your browser?
b) Are you using a hardware wallet?

Hello Marcus

I’m using the SafePal wallet which is a hardware wallet

Sorry I meant to say a digital wallet with SafePal

Hello Jake,

Unfortunately, I have no experience with SafePal. To assist you in the best way possible, I would need more information. Could you please elaborate how you initially staked your tokens? From what I can read, you are using WalletConnect in combination with SafePal and you are using a smartphone to stake. Please correct me if I am wrong.

A few things that come to my mind:

a) Do you have enough Ethereum in your wallet to unstake your tokens?
b) Have you tried deleting the cache of your Chrome browser?

Thanks for that went through it all again and just sent more ETH to the wallet and worked fine

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