Need a category for education / useful posts

Came across this post:

This thread explains very well in layman’s term about the benefits of API3.

We should have a category to post (‘dump’ other people’s) useful educational contents to help educate the general public. I’ve seen few of these over the past few months but now they are all pushed ‘down’ from twitter and hard to find. We should have a category to keep these helpful and educational posts.

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I agree that it’d be good to have a category like this to use as a repository for community-sourced informative articles and tweet series. There have been a handful of these in the past too, such as from Jiyad and RAPI3R, which could be shared in such a location.


yeah seen good stuff from both of them and few more chaps

Great idea! It might be more appropriate to have a tag for this instead of a category. What would you want to call it?

#educational_community_posts? not sure

How about “learn”? I like to keep the names reasonably short, and while it should include community posts it shouldn’t be limited to only community posts.

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Created a #learn tag so we have something to start with. They’re easy to rename if we think of something better.