On Building API3 Culture

On Building API3 Culture:

TL;DR: API3 uses bounties to create a Buidl culture on Discord.

As API3 product offerings are built, we must now tailor and hone on cultural experiences to create an atmosphere for people to engage, interact, and ultimately Buidl.

There are two venues for API3’s culture to shine: Twitter and Discord.

This post will focus on Discord as it presents unique opportunities that we can start working on building and bring a much richer experience.


As we know from @T.API3 and @KenKarv detailed developer research: API3 must address developers’ needs and our community’s desires. I won’t go into detail, as it’s a great read and the following seeks to address some of their report.


API3 needs to provide ease of infrastructure, toolings, starter kits, and documentation so that developers can build novel dApps.

In other words, we must have the best possible educational tools for developers to succeed. Thus, it is in API3’s best interest to continuously and consistently receive feedback on these onboarding ramps.


API3 holds bounties with each product offering. For example, Bounty #1: Using BYOG (once released), please create a (1) simple or complex dApp that smart contracts calls BYOG and (2) give feedback on your experiences with regards to documentation, starter kit, tutorial, and developer material.

Rewards are given to people or projects for the “most insightful feedback,” “most completed dApp,” and “best beginner project.”

These bounties would build developer engagement and, most importantly, receive feedback on where people have onboarding issues or frustrations.


While developers are the heart of the building, we must recognize people with non-technical talents can contribute to the developers’ success.

For example, a side bounty can exist along with the developers that call on designers and content creators. Connecting people will enhance this cultural sense of Buidlers.

Secondary effect:

These efforts will provide us with Twitter content that helps build further community growth, resulting in a positive feedback loop.

In all, API3 uses Discord to drive organic engagement and build a culture of building.


API3 must build a culture for builders where such people have the best tools and resources to get them jumpstarted and succeed in Web3. By creating a Discord space free from judgment and incentivized with the tools of freedom to create, API3 can build an engaging and interactive community culture.

A special shout out to API LatAm team (@cypherbadger, @Saludiego201, @Alefcripto, @gd_eth and @Jessiway) as this is something been discussed.

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Hi Rob, we kicked off a bounty on Monday akin to what you’re describing above. The idea is to start small, test processes and scale based on the successes. There are a lot of foundational efforts currently going into the documentation, starter kits, guides etc.

Regarding feedback, as you’re offering a bounty prize it’s challenging to collect feedback directly from the bounty as it may have bias. You could potentially prompt users to organically feedback within the docs, or offer interviews post-challenge submission.

The bounty details are within the ecosystem linear space if you want to take a look.