On-chain Voting is open for API3 China Team Compensation Proposal 2022#1

Hey API3 DAO members.

I pleased to share API3 China Team’s compensation proposal here. This is a application for compensation for API3 China Team’s six-month work plan starting in May.

This proposal is onlive onchain now, please check it and vote on it with your decision!


Since 2020, API3 China Team has been working on expanding API3 in China. We honor to continue work for this amazing DAO. There are some details about this proposal in voting page, but I happy to share them here directly:

Proposal detail:

And here is a discussion post that was previously submitted in the forum:

look forward to your feedback and your support, thank you! Let’s expand the API3 vision to anywhere in the world!

More of a general question - but is it really feasible to expand API3’s presence in China (or any other protocol for that matter), due to their various bans on crypto?

I’d love to hear your general thoughts! Thanks.

Good question! There is a key point here that while we’ve seen many bans, they have never baned innovation and value creation. Some things need to be baned certainly, like scam projects, MLM fraud, pumping. on the other hand, it will leave more house to those valuable projects like API3. But China need some times to form a health space. at the same time, we need to prove us. So this is why I believe API3 and why we must build it for now. Opportunity is always reserved for those who are prepared.

Thank you for your question. would love to continue to discuss with you about this topic!

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Hey, when i click on the link it says there aren’t any active proposals. Is it still up?

I see! China is such a huge market, they will come to crypto one way or another. I agree we should be prepared and lay down a strong foundation with their communities. Good luck!

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Thank you so much for your supporting and wishes, will put my best efforts for it.

Yea, it’s active. there is two possibility:

  • pls check if you connect your wallet.
  • sometimes we need to wait for a while for loading on-chain data. even sometimes it will loading fail, so maybe refresh the browser can handle it.

thank you, would love to see your voting on it!