Optimism Roulette Wheel - Supporting Community Smart Contract development

A community member from Optimism has created a roulette smart contract function that has no front end. The roulette game is playable via the smart contract which you can see here, you need some ETH on Optimism to play:

@Ashar2shahid took a quick look at the contract and whilst there may need to be a further look at this, seemingly saw no red flags. The downside here is there is no front-end.

Whilst I do appreciate a roulette wheel may not be the most sophisticated use of QRNG I do think using Quantum Randomness within a prediction market has its merits. Hence I engaged a handful of front-end specialists with online gambling portfolios to gauge the route around designing and building a custom front-end roulette wheel.

Below is the design spec shared:

Design Spec:

We would want the roulette wheel to look like a standard roulette wheel, except lean into the API3 DAO’s brand guidelines. The key word here would be lean into, as we do not want to overpower the design and make this look like something API3 has created. Yet as we have supported this project, we would want some brand recognition.


From a functionality perspective we would need to incorporate:


1- Bet Colour
2- Bet Even/Odd
3- Bet Number
4- Bet One Third


5- Spin Wheel

Check winnings:

6- Check if Colour won
7- Check if Even/odd won
8- Check if Number won
9- Check if One Third won


1 x front-end design
1 x front-end development
1 x support with back-end integration

https://royal.design/ was the best fit from my quick search. They are a German based entity with experience in casino/blockchain and delivered the below quote:

  • UI design of the page with the Roulette game for desktop and mobile - $2000
  • Front End coded version of the design, that we will make - $1000
  • About backend support as we spoke on the call, we can’t provide that to you at the moment

Total cost: $3000 and the deadline is 2 weeks.

To elaborate on point 3, they would require us to connect the front-end to the smart contract functions, which would require @Ashar2shahid to support. I assume we would also need to audit and review the code fully, then fork. We could also look to deploy multi-chain based upon QRNG’s 13 protocols.

I’m also not sure about the ongoing responsibilities and legalities of operating this - there could be a charitable element to any winnings over time which could help PR / awareness. That said it may need some monitoring.

The questions I currently have are:

  • Is the upside of building this worthwhile in the view of others?
  • What is the complexity of the back-end integration?
  • What are the legal considerations?
  • What ongoing responsibilities might arise from delivering this?
  • How would the design brief be developed?

Obviously, this is underpinned by whether we’d want to support the front-end being developed. I’d welcome feedback from the community and API3 DAO contributors- please do share thoughts!