Plug and play solution for projects to do on-chain lottery using QRNG

Maybe something for the next developer advocate project-

Tons of DeFi and NFT projects do lotteries e.g. for NFTs or whitelists or token giveaways - randomly selected people from Twitter retweets, favourites, attendees in Twitter spaces etc. Why not offer a whitelabelled / plug and play solution where projects can generate a custom URL, users can go to the provided url, link their wallet, (optionally add their twitter username to prevent multiple entries) and then the lottery of e.g. 3 NFT winners is done verifiably randomly using QRNG.

Or if it could hook into the Twitter API and select random winners from retweets of a certain tweet. We’ve all seen the ReTwEEt ThIS AnD StAnD TO wIN aN NFT tweets.

Sorry if this is very jumbled, it’s very late :smiley: