[Primary Proposal 1] - Getting University Blockchain Groups Involved in Governance

The first primary proposal on the API3 DAO. History in the making.


Since we’ve decided to have the university groups vote off the main DAO and then together on the DAO as a bloc, does anyone have recommendations on a voting tool that should be used for the off-DAO voting?

The criteria would be:

  • Security: It doesn’t necessarily have to be as secure as the DAO itself (off-chain is OK) but we don’t want the bloc to be manipulated by a bad actor.
  • Visibility: The university group activity should be easily accessible and visible on the web, including any discussions and the university logos. It should be visually attractive.
  • Realistic: It should help the university groups gain real-world experience interacting with DAOs.
  • Security: Each university group should avoid electing a representative of their group toward university bloc decisions.
  • Visibility: Minutes from university group meetings should be available and open for discussion/criticism by other API3 voters.
  • Realistic: Being transparent with the DAO as a whole is essential because their vote carries weight of real world consequences.

Just a few thoughts. I may have delegated my vote but I like to add value in any way I can.

Interesting point! I had assumed a representative would be necessary but if they’re voting off-chain (gasless) or even on a very low cost chain then it could be more granular where each group member votes individually.

I think this forum is the ideal place for group meetings and discussions. It’s the most visible and there is no cost or technical reason to separate it from the main DAO. It could be in #governance-meta or we could create a subcategory for university group discussions.

The wallet is set up and ready to delegate.

That was my thought process with the groups voting off chain. There can be discussions and debates amongst the team over a decision rather than a majority or a single representative taking initiative. If we are trying to avoid malicious actors than leaving decisions to one or even a few from a group can lead to that sort of activity.

Leaving discussion on open form will work, can there be different tags for the different university groups. Having them discussing on one page will probably lead to confusion.

Congratulations to @ArielBlockVenture, @ryan and the API3 marketing team. It is great to see the API3 marketing team undertake initiatives with long term impact

Just sharing a thought, it may perhaps already be in the team’s plan.

Participation in governance would certainly be a motivator for students. I am wondering whether it will help to add on some immediate smaller benefits, to – 1. Build the visibility / buzz within the student community, 2. Make the program even more attractive.

I have generally seen that supporting a big idea with a few more activities, gives it a good boost. Could be anything that gives visibility or buzz to the program, for example

  • NFTs (simple ones, like POAPs)

  • Merchandize like hoodies

  • Small monetary rewards ? For behavior we want to promote (participation in discussions, voting, etc.)

Just a thought, for your consideration.

Wish you all the best for the program. I am sure it will have a good cascading impact with colleges and the young Web 3 community.

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Good idea. @Marcus what do you think about doing a community initiative geared toward students?