Publicly display apy, staking target, % of staked target met

Hey Admins just creating topic for this feedback I shared on telegram. I hope the project team can make the staked amount, staking target, apy, % circulating supply staked publicly viewable soon in the dashboard, there shouldn’t be any need to connect your wallet to see the stats

@Hammer thanks for raising this - discussing currently and evaluating etc.

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@Hammer I like the idea.
In my opinion, the Proposals should also be viewable without connected wallet.
Opinions from others?

Edit: I wrote it wrong, i mean the Proposals should also be viewable, not the votes.
But maybe the votes can be public too.


A general vote indicator might be a good idea


To tag a long, when we hover over the mouse on Total Staked, can we show some explanation on this? I see many questions on Telegram asking why the circulating is 32m in Coingecko and there are 33m staked.


Could we also show how much staking rewards have been earned pls? I’ve staked from day 1 and it says I’ve earned 0, so i’m assuming it will only show up next year July?

If this is the case, would be good to also display tokens earned (but not withdrawable) similar to Curve Vesting page. I was expecting some tokens and to see there’s 0 was a little disappointing, though fundamentally it doesn’t change the fact that I’ll receive the same quantity of tokens in July 2022.

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Could we also show how much staking rewards have been earned pls?

This is being explored at the moment but don’t expect as fast of an iteration rate as we had before launch. We shifted a lot of the focus back to the core solutions.


100% the core solution needs to be shipped asap.