Quontomons - AI Generated Quantum Monsters

With the Launch of QRNG and the many use cases it supports, I’ve decided to build and launch Quantomons - AI Generated Quantum monsters. Quantomons will be an ERC-721 mintable NFT that will use QRNG to mint quantifiably random Quantomons.

In addition to being able to mint your own Quantomons I will also be documenting step by step the process from start to finish so that you can also utilize QRNG in creating your own NFT project. This includes but not limited to:

  • Writing the contracts
  • Integrating with the UI
  • Automatically Funding the sponsorWallets during the mint process

and much more

As a token of appreciation to the DAO member I will be distributing a Quantomon to each DAO member in addition to it being mintable.

A sneak peak of how each Quantomon might look like

Great to see you press on with this @Ashar2shahid

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Thanks @KenKarv , would love some ideas from the community to make this even better!

Look forward to having one

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Nice guide @Ashar2shahid. I minted a couple :grin:

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