[SC] - Copywriter Proposal


As API3 creates more products and has continuously increasing visibility, it’s becoming a significant struggle to spend time producing content that is on par with API3’s standards while maintaining consistency across copy output from different teams.

Having a copywriter edit articles written by other team members will allow them to focus more on their core responsibilities and spend significantly less time on writing and fine-tuning. Also, many members of API3 are not native English speakers, so having an editor that is a native speaker lifts the burden of perfecting written English.

In addition to general content editing, a copywriter for web copy is critically needed. With an international audience it can be difficult to ensure that all text throughout products is understandable to everyone in the space. A copywriter is needed to find the best balance of language that can be understood by those in this space with various levels of proficiency in English.

Last but not least, with so much content being produced, it’s important that consistency across the ecosystem is maintained. During this proposal, the copywriter will create a voice and tone guide that will ensure all communication is consistent and within current branding.


  • Create & maintain a voice & tone guide (here’s an example of one)
  • Edit web copy
  • Edit content produced by other team members
  • Create an editing process to streamline content and ensure it is brought up to the standard level of writing
  • Must be a native English speaker


(tbd once the appropriate editor is found - I am actively searching)


Deliverables will be seen in the form of a publicly available voice and tone guide, web copy brought up to date and consistent, and a proposed editing process.