[SC] Kyros Marketing - API3 Vietnam Market Growth Cycle 1

API3 Vietnam Market Growth Cycle 1

Team: Kyros Marketing

Cycle: 1

Period: 15th May, 2022 - 15th May, 2023

Amount Requested: $38,400 USDC (~3,200 $USDC per month)

Destination: 0xDE0d1c71F5854A00436c7d8C1798F4dCB9FA9dd0


Amount (USDC)
Monthly marketing fee $3,200
1-year (12 months) marketing fee $38,400


Kyros Ventures is a pioneer in incubating early stage blockchain and cryptocurrency projects in Vietnam, which is built upon the solid foundation of the Coin68 ecosystem consisting of exclusive partnerships with the top crypto entities in the Vietnamese Blockchain industry. Collectively, we are responsible for more than 100,000 active cryptocurrency investors and traders and have formed a long-term partnership with over 100 well-known projects in Blockchain space, including API3.

:point_right: Please refer to our website here: https://kyros.ventures/

As a DAO enthusiast & a long-term marketing partner of API3 in SEA/Vietnam region, so far we have been supporting their team in promoting the outstanding business concept & Oracle technology of API3 throughout Vietnam, as well as encouraging the local users/individual investors to be a part of the solid API3 DAO. We truly believe in the huge potential of API3 to become the leading first-party oracle provider in Blockchain & Web3 Industry, and that’s why we decided to accompany their team to consolidate & accelerate API3’s brand exposure & the API3 DAO into Vietnam, which is well-known as one of the most crypto-friendly & blockchain-active markets in the world.

Therefore, our team is really excited to propose the API3 Vietnam Market Growth Cycle 1 to API3 DAO in order to help API3 team fulfill the above objectives:


The goal of this cycle is to build a strong community of Vietnamese enthusiasts and believers for API3, educate the community about API3 products, tokens, technology and to increase brand awareness among Vietnamese crypto communities and attract new supporters to API3

The cycle we plan to mainly fund for those marketing initatives:

  • Vietnam community growth:

  • We will arrange 2-3 CMs to fully moderate and support the API3 Vietnam group 24/7, including answering questions and inquiries from members relating to API.

  • Our admins will follow up API3 news on twitter, translate and publish all updated news on API3 Vietnam channel & group

  • Marketing materials creation - Infographic

  • Kyros’s content and research team will have the monthly research, brainstorm ideas, and have the design team to create Infographics made specifically about API3 or mentioning API3 so you can retweet as user generated content

  • Some Infographics that have been created by Kyros team includes API3 Quarter 1 2022 flashback, API3 Airnode - the next generation of blockchain Oracles, API3: 2021 Wrap - up,…

  • Telegram promotion:

  • With all infographics created by the Kyros team, we will have our marketing team create the content posts and promote these infographics for API3 on our main telegram channels: Kyros Insights and 68 Trading to increase the API3’s coverage in Vietnam, attracting many individual investors.

  • Besides, we help to follow-up API3’s updated news from all social media and translate into Vietnamese as well as promote the content on our channels. The content to be promoted includes API3’s important news, outstanding partnership announcements, events, activities, new functions, launching, etc

Some of promotion posts on Kyros Insights & 68 Trading channels:

  • API3’s vietnamese article publishment on Coin68 website - Top 1 Vietnam cryptocurrency website

  • Our Coin68 content team will translate the articles from API3 medium/ blogs and publish on Coin68 Website - The leading Crypto & Blockchain media site in Vietnam with more than 3 millions pageviews per month.

  • Besides, the marketing team will summarize the main points from these articles and promote on Kyros Insights community

Some of the latest API3 PR articles which we have published on Coin68.com:

  • Business development support

  • We connect Vietnamese partners/ KOLs if needed

  • To further push marketing activities in the Vietnamese community, we send the promoting content to be spread out to the KOLs/ influencers network with editing from their ends, to transfer users from several communities to your Vietnamese community.


Love the idea of growing the API3 community around the world, specifically in Asia. Vietnam especially has a lot of promise and a massive amount of talented devs coming out of the country!

We need some feedback on this from voters so that Kyros can ultimately submit a proposal that is likely to pass. Here’s a poll in case you’d like to provide your feedback that way.

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