[Secondary Proposal 29] API Integrations Team Proposal, May-July 2022 (Cycle 7)

API3 API Integrations Team Proposal

Team: API Integrations Team

Period: 1 May 2022 – 31 July 2022 (3 months)

Amount: 57,458 USDC

Destination: 0x2BE5bd7f529974E197cFe70f2361971f65c12042

  • The destination wallet is a hardware wallet managed by Camron

Proposal parameters

Creator: CamronH.eth

Target Contract Address: 0xA0b86991c6218b36c1d19D4a2e9Eb0cE3606eB48 (USDC)
Target Contract Signature: transfer(address,uint256)
Parameters: [ “0x2BE5bd7f529974E197cFe70f2361971f65c12042”, “57458000000” ]

IPFS: https://gateway.pinata.cloud/ipfs/QmTiBP3YpZGCA3nVzN311fu3E8sGaSUAuuim1k7PdFQETh


In our third cycle, we thoroughly tested the production-ready Airnodes. We currently manage:

  • Building deployment packages for providers using internal integration tools
  • Communicating monetization and authorization options with API providers
  • Troubleshooting our deployed Beacons and redeploying any changes
  • Discussing the steps required to start offering a production-ready Airnode service
  • Proofs-of-Concept to display Airnode’s capabilities
  • Being a technical contact in any discussions where it is beneficial

Requested Funds:

Amount (USDC)
Grants 54,900.00
Expenses 1,130.00
Balance Carried Over 3,796.00
Total 52,234.00
Total + 10% overhead 57,458.00

Team and Grant Amounts:

Name Role FT/PT Monthly (USDC)
Camron API Integrations Manager FT 4,000.00
Vansh Integrations Engineer FT 5,000.00
Vincent Deployment Engineer FT 5,000.00
doge_bull (Jacob) Blockchain Integrations Manager FT 4,300.00


The budget is planned exactly, not including unexpected expenses that could result in role scope changes as the team develops. To prepare for such events, the team is requesting an extra 1000 USDC for gas expenses and an additional 10% overhead on top of the total budget to provide flexibility. Any unspent amount will be carried over to the next cycle or returned to the DAO in the circumstance that there will not be a follow-up cycle.

Other expenses include:

  • Gmass Team Subscription - 90 USD/month
  • 2 Calendly Pro Subscriptions - 40 USD/Month

Cycle #5 Deliverables Achieved

  • Build a deployment flow for providers at any current deployment status
  • Build testing tools to allow providers to start testing their Airnode in anticipation of moving to production
  • Tested ChainAPI functionality and recommended new functionality based on common pitfalls
  • Tested production-ready Airnodes using multiple cloud providers and regions for redundancy
  • Developed more Proofs-of-Concept around Airnodes features for potential partnerships


The goal of the integrations team’s fourth cycle is to smoothly transition providers into the ChainAPI ecosystem. We will be working closely with the ChainAPI team to prepare for the launch and eventual migration from our internal tools. For providers who haven’t been integrated yet, we will help walk them through the integration process using ChainAPI. As developers request access to these APIs, we will be available to help them consume the API in a smart contract.

The integration team will soon be capable of deploying Beacons and will take this responsibility whenever it is helpful. The demand for beacons is very high and may require more resources than the core development team is willing to dedicate.

Finally, the integration team expects to completely more Airnode Proofs-of-Concept. These PoC’s have been very lucrative in the past with potential enterprise clients. By providing more of these in a more public fashion, we believe we can drive more usage to Airnode.


The official proposal is live!


University Vote - SC 26
  • Approve
  • Disapprove

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Excited to have the Proofs of Concept to display Airnode’s capabilities!
What do you mean as “being a technical contact in any discussions where it is beneficial” - like in terms of helping the traditional API providers interface with Airnode?


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@Aaronator10 That is exactly it! Deploying Airnode is very easy, but API providers always like some context around the technology. Any technical or UX questions for Airnode are sent our way.



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Awesome, thanks!

Hey - I don’t see Jacob being included as a grant recipient in this proposal as had been discussed (which is why we left him off the BD proposal). I will vote against it for this reason alone, but will happily vote in favour if this proposal includes him in future. Overall I think the integrations team have been doing amazingly, and the BD subteam has appreciated the support we’ve had from them

The integrations proposal has been revised! Please vote again when you get a chance