[Secondary Proposal 32] API3 China Team Compensation Proposal 2022#1

API3 China Team Compensation Proposal 2022#1

Team: API3 China Team

Period: 1 May 2022 – 30 Oct 2022 (6 months)

Amount: 60,000 USDC

ETH add: 0x9ac9c636404C8d46D9eb966d7179983Ba5a3941A


We are DAO believers, and we are also attracted by the concept and design of API3. So as a contributor group, we have been spreading the concept and technology of API3 and introducing it to more users and developers in China, thus contributing to the development of the API3 ecosystem. Today, we are seeing that API3 is leading the decentralized API and Oracle. So, we are excited about the future development of API3 and would love to increase our contribution to the epic vision of API3 DAO.

As we all know, China is an important part of crypto, there are a lot of developers, start-ups, investors, and also there are a lot of API3 holders. So, we would love to continue to serve them through our efforts. Help them understand API3 and get involved, for example by using API3 to build blockchain applications that are more in line with the crypto spirit.

Based on this mission, we are happy to submit this proposal for the API3 China team to help API3 expand growth in China.

Briefly, our efforts include:

  • Help API3 build its brand influence in China
  • Help API3 get more users in China

Work items

  • API3 Chinese community operation and growth
  • Media, PR, and content output
  • Efforts for Business Development and marketing
  • Online/offline events organization

Timeline of execution


  • Translation for all articles, videos, and other important info (e.g. tweets) of API3.
  • Timely release project progress to all major blockchain media.
  • 3 months - 1 article for API3 (original).

Community Operations:

  • Daily (including Saturday and Sunday) - daily operation of the community, support. Includes organized learning and discussion of API3.
  • Weekly - weekly progress report of API3.
  • Monthly - 1 online meetup in the community to discuss API3. option:
    • Public class
    • AMA
    • Panel
    • online event co-organized with other crypto communities
  • 6 months - more than 2 live broadcasts, invite API3 team members to participate

Marketing & BD:

  • if there is a blockchain/oracle offline/online summit, attend a round table or keynote speech at least once.
  • Potentially, API3 ads in blockchain media and community.
  • Contact potential customers in China and make an effort to sign up.
  • Contact the developer communities in China and make the opportunities to

*Other works that follow the overall plan of API3.

Team and Compensation

Name: Typto

Role: Marketing, Head of API3 China team

Weekly time: 40+h/w

Level: Expert


  • make and execute plans, including operations, business development, media, public relations, and events.

Experience: Head of Aragon China, VP of Winkrypto, KOL of DAO and blockchain space in China.

Monthly compensation: 4,500 USD

Name: Chequer Cat

Role: Community management, operations, Media

Weekly time: 20+h/w

Level: Senior


  • API3 Chinese community operation and management, Chinese community/user growth, API3 product service support
  • API3 update translation and release, related content writing, media relations and cooperation.

Experience: ChainLink researcher and investor, NEST researcher and investor, DAOSquare community events organizer

Monthly compensation: 2,500 USD

Name: is calling
Role: Tech Ambassador

Weekly time: 20+h/w

Level: Senior


  • Provide technical guidance and assistance to Chinese communities, users.
  • Participate in technical open discussions and events.
  • Help users and developers use API3 and handle possible technical problems…

Monthly compensation: 2,500 USD

Possible additional expenses reserve

  • for content creation, translation, publish
  • for event organize

Monthly compensation: 500 USD

Total 6 months team compensation: 10K USD/month x 6month = 60K USD

Hello Typto,

I have a few questions from a community management point of view:

  1. Is Wechat still the primary platform for the Chinese community?

  2. What is the standard procedure for people to join the Chinese API3 community? Or in other words, how do people find their way into the Chinese API3 community? Do you allow for easy access to join the community?

  3. Where do you promote the Chinese API3 community channel?

  4. What do the daily operations of the community consist of and where do they happen? Could you provide us with examples (links to AMAs, discussions etc.)?

  5. Could you provide us with a growth chart or numbers to demonstrate how the Chinese community has evolved over the past months?

  6. Are you also planning to assist in community management on Telegram and Discord? I noticed that the Chinese channel on Discord is unmoderated and that posts regarding airdrops have not been deleted / reported to the moderators.

hello Typto,i have some idea want to talk to u,how can i contact with u?

Hey Aaron, you can add my Discord handle: Typto#7037

1 - Exactly

2 - Community is open to everyone because API3 is a DAO. before, we just have a simple social way to help people join community, like events with other communities, articles, and more. because our products were not on live. I don’t wanna calling a lot of trading only people in community, we need more builders and users as the main in community, otherwise we will confuse in a bad community environment. but now, our products are go live step by step, so you can see some plan about expanding the developer community and users in my proposal.

3 - Honesty I’m not clear what’s the mean “where”. I guess you mean “how”. we have a official media account in WeChat, will post every news, announcement, and articles, and my team share them in our communities and other crypto communities. and my team also co-organize events with other communities for promotion. but honestly, we was a little careful for promotion because the policy here. although the government policy is not friendly for crypto now, my team are working hard for API3 as best as possible(maybe you can’t imagine the impact policies have on people). I believe in the future of crypto in China because API3 is creating values.

4 - Daily operations include syncing the news from API3(usually from Twitter), answering the questions from community(we have 4 groups in WeChat), and banning those scams and ads.

5 - Yea, I’ll ask my team to do a chart about these and share with you.

6 - Yea, If you feel the Discord is the best space to operate the Chinese community, we can move them from Wechat to Discord, but you need to consider that 1)people in China need VPN to access Discord, 2)they live in Wechat, so maybe nothing active in Discord.

Thank you for your feedback! it’s the API3 DAO’s honor for having you!

Thanks for addressing my questions, @Typto. :slight_smile:

  1. Ok.

  2. Sounds good to me.

  3. I actually meant where. I was wondering on which platforms you market API3 in China, considering that a lot of websites are banned due to the policies you mentioned.

  4. What are the four different groups there for?

  5. Thank you, please share the chart here for transparency reasons.

  6. I don’t think Discord is the best place for the Chinese community if a VPN is necessary to access it. However, what I propose is that you or one of your team members oversee the Chinese channel on Discord. I could provide you with the necessary moderation privileges so you are able to delete spam and ban scammers.

Thank you @Marcus

  1. yea, a lot of media platforms (like ChainNews) and the crypto community (Bihu, biggest one) were offline. so all communities of crypto projects are stuck now. But we’ve been continuing to operate it, I feel it will get better, just need some time. And our official account on Wechat has been blocked a few so I will create a MuseX space(decentralized media app) as a backup. Also, we will expand more media platforms to publish our news.
  2. haha, the max limit is 500 people in one group, it’s a interesting rule :joy:
  3. will share you next week.
  4. That great, pls set 格子猫 as a admin, thank you.

Hi Marcus

A couple of weeks ago I asked for numbers of the API3 Community on Slack so that I can share with a blockchain protocol. This was a specific request from a blockchain protocol.

You didn’t respond to this request, and I still have no understanding of the size of our communities or the growth & engagement metrics.

If you expect Typto to transparently share these, are you able to replicate the behaviors and transparently share this data within the marketing team, particularly when I have a request from somebody like Polygon?

If these are publically posted somewhere can you point me to where this data is?

@Marcus sorry for delay (got a fever). there is some info about Chinese community, pls check it.

API3 China Community Chart

Community Scale

Members in WeChat: 1414

WeChat Group: 5

Note: Once over 2k+, reduced after the ban.


Official Media

WeChat Public Media:

  • Followers: 758
  • Articles: 121


  • Followers: 2000+ (before closed)
  • Articles: Unable to count, closed


Had a column in ChainNews, unfortunately, ChainNews closed.

Special Events

  • November 2020 - API3 product promotion event, 600+ attendees, Tencent.
  • March 2021 - API3DAO introduction event, 400+ attendees, Tencent.
  • May 2021 - Airnode promotion event, 300 participants, Tencent.
  • August 2021 - API3 promotion event, guest: Uger. 1000+ attendees, Discord.
  • November 2021 - API3 promotion event, gust: Uger, 300+ attendees, Discord.

Some articles in Chinese community


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Thanks for taking the time to provide all the information I asked for.

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