[Secondary Proposal 4] API3 DAO Team Proposal: API Integrations Cycle #4

API3 DAO API Integrations Team Proposal

Team: API Integrations Team

Period: 1 August 2021 – 31 October 2021 (3 months)

Amount: 75,900 USDC

Destination: 0x2BE5bd7f529974E197cFe70f2361971f65c12042


The goal of the integrations team is to integrate the API Providers who have signed LOIs through the BD - API team and request priority in the integration process. Our team will be able to grow into additional integration needs as other verticals continue to expand. In preparing to launch this vertical, Camron has executed the following tasks:

  • Started training an Integration Engineer on the API integration process

  • Developed Integration Tools to speed up the process for Integration Engineers

  • Built Provider Communications Pipeline in Salesforce to maintain visibility to account managers and other involved parties

  • Hired and trained a Client Relations Manager on collecting API materials and scheduling integrations

  • Began the outreach process

  • Deployed Airnodes for a handful of providers and standardized a deployment meeting flow that can be completed in around 10 minutes


  • Train the integration team members to ensure process adherence:

    • Client Relations manager on Integrations pipeline
    • Integration Engineer
      • Qualifying APIs as compatible with the current version of Airnode
      • Building deployment packages, OIS files to be published, and Airnode Endpoint documentation
    • Deployment Engineer on processes within the team; specifically, how to walk providers through deployment
  • Building documentation and processes:

    • Building processes for the integrations team to adhere to for most effective communication and execution
    • Training documentation for the defined integration team roles
  • Team oversight and auditing:

    • Auditing and troubleshooting deployment packages to ensure process adherence
    • Ensuring proper management of API Provider Relations
    • Assist in more complicated integrations and deployments
  • Reporting weekly and monthly reports to other verticals and the community to remain visible and cohesive across the foundation

  • Provide technical guidance to other verticals as needed. In particular, the Business Development team in matters of integration work, including:

    • Educating on integration process and inner workings of Airnode
    • Helping with questions from business developers regarding integrations from API providers
    • Joining business developer’s meetings when a technical member is needed

Requested Funds:

Amount (USDC)
Grants 69,000.00
Expenses 0.00
Total 69,000.00
Total + 10% overhead 75,900.00

Team and Grant Amounts:

API Integration Team Role FT/PT Monthly (USDC)
Camron API Integrations Manager FT 8,000.00
Brandon Client Relations Manager FT 5,000.00
Vansh Integrations Engineer FT 5,000.00
(to be hired) Deployment Engineer FT 5,000.00


In order to carry out the tasks necessary to cover the team’s responsibilities, a total of 4 roles will be required:

  • API Integrations Manager - High level development of the entire integration process

  • Client Relations Manager - Facilitates all communication with providers leading up to and following their deployments

    • Including collecting API materials, timely integrations planning, encouraging preemptive prepping of provider environments
    • Organizing communication logs to help marketing efforts
    • Following up with materials needed to publicize their Airnode
  • Integrations Engineer - Building API specs and deployment packages for providers

    • Building Swagger Specs, deployment packages, endpoint documentation and tracking integration issues
  • Deployment Engineer - Meeting with providers to walk them through Airnode deployment as well as the following:

    • Testing deployed Airnodes through the following processes:
      • Fund Master Wallet - To create provider record on chain
      • Prep Request - Open an endpoint to accept requests from pre-deployed testing contract and requesterIndex. Also fund the designated wallet
      • Make a request - Makes a request to the opened endpoint
      • Clean Up - Close endpoint
    • Deployment will not make up a full-time position, so when deployments are not scheduled this engineer will be responsible for assisting with integrations


The budget is planned exactly, not including unexpected expenses that could result in role scope changes as the team develops. To prepare for such events, the team is requesting an additional 10% overhead on top of the total budget to provide flexibility. Any unspent amount will be carried over to the next cycle or returned to the DAO in the circumstance that there will not be a follow up cycle.


The success of this team will be measured through the amount of APIs integrated with Airnode, the development of processes to execute integrations, and onboarding and training materials developed for future team growth in both development and customer relations processes. In order to keep this process as transparent as possible and also deliver justification for future grant proposals, the deployment receipts as well as a weekly report of the integrated providers will be made available to the core DAO. The monthly report will also be extended to the general public and community if NDAs or other strategic arrangements do not prohibit the disclosure of it.

  • 1st Month - Instructional materials will be prioritized. Training documents for the Integration Engineer, Client Relations Manager, and Deployment Engineer will be produced and will begin being audited.

  • 2nd Month - Integrations will be prioritized. With a pipeline of API providers and their materials handy, we will see better results as far as the number of APIs integrated.

  • 3rd Month - Integration will still be prioritized. We will be adjusting based on the results from the previous month and addressing bottlenecks. We will start building the process for handling adjustments with providers for dApps and platforms that are ready to start using Airnode-connected APIs.

Proposal Creator: Camron Haider

Camron has been part of API3 since January and has worked as a Business Developer on the Business Development API team for the past seven months. During this time, he spoke to numerous API providers and created valuable partnerships. His work in this team has made him an expert in all things related to API providers and their expectations regarding API3 and Airnode. With the authoritative DAO launching, Airnode Pre-Alpha being ready and the development of ChainAPI progressing rapidly, Camron’s focus has been shifted towards helping API providers integrate Airnode.

He is AWS certified, knows his way around serverless functions and built some of the first full stack Airnode integration dApp demos. He already successfully helped a handful of API providers with Airnode integrations. This proposal is created for the purpose of allowing Camron to grow and streamline the API integrations process in order to allow for efficient integrations of existing and future API partners.

Camron is designated as an authorized signatory on behalf of the API3 Foundation for such agreements reasonably related to accomplishing the objectives and deliverables set forth in this proposal, until revoked by subsequent DAO Resolution.

The destination for this proposed budget is a wallet address managed by Camron.


Looks great, excited to see how this new team develops!

Proposal passed: https://api3.eth.link/#/history/secondary-4