[Secondary Proposal 5] API3 DAO Team Proposal: BD-Enterprise Team Cycle #4

API3 DAO BD-Enterprise Team Proposal

Team: Enterprise team

Operations cycle: #4

Period: 1 August 2021–31 October 2021 (3 months)

Amount: 82,500 USDC

Destination: 0x320EBaE3967eF38987D0f20215C31A8C6D119f8c


The Enterprise team has the responsibilities below. The secondary items are examples and do not cover the entire scope. The business development scope of the project will expand over time, and this list represents the current state.

Sales process


Continuous improvement of outreach processes

CRM structure

Oversee and support the team sales funnel

Host Enterprise workshops:

Enterprise consortia technical integration workshop to explore Airnode integration feasibility across consortia members

Product demo of Airnode-enabled Supply Chain Management product developed by Technical Integration Engineer Paul

Enterprise use case workshop with Enterprise prospects

Proof of Concept development with Enterprise client(s)

Enterprise Airnode integrations

Open Bank Project Tech Sprints

Recruitment & HR




Ongoing support


Accounting processes

Growth of the team will be primarily through the addition of new business developers on success commission basis only.


Amount (USDC)
Grants 82,500
Expenses 20,000
Credit from last cycle -20,000
Total 82,500

Team and Grants

The team is composed of Enterprise Business Developers and Technical Integration Engineer personnel.

Core tech team Role FT/PT Monthly Grant (USDC)
Gio* Team Lead & Business Developer FT 7,500.00
Paul Solution Architect FT 8,750.00
Rob Business Developer FT 7,500.00
Joeri Business Developer PT 3,750.00

** The destination will be a wallet address managed by Gio.*


The team will be recruiting new business developers on commission basis only and contingent upon OBP and other consortia’s progress. Commissions are estimates based on business development outcome goals, and will vary between employees and months. Commissionable events include: Enterprise workshops, development partnerships with enterprises and enterprise consortia, Proof-of-Concept and production integrations of Airnode into enterprise blockchain applications. Enterprise business development commissions will be granted on a case-by-case basis with the team agreeing on outcome values. For the total commission pool to incentivize enterprise business development, we request $20,000 USDC.

Any unspent amount will roll over to the next cycle. A supplementary proposal will be made if we end up being able to make more hires than expected or see a larger-than-estimated number of business development outcomes generated.

Completed Deliverables (Cycle #3)

During #3 operations cycle, the Enterprise BD team has followed through on our 10-year development partnership with the Open Bank Project. We are seeing progress made in areas of strategic importance such as: insurance, enterprise consortia, market data and indices providers and cloud providers. As and when these partnerships have made adequate progress in terms of maturity and development through concrete and formalized commercials, these outcomes will be made public to the DAO.

Furthermore, the Enterprise team has been proactively partaking in various Enterprise Ethereum Alliance workshops (e.g. Oracles and Enterprise computing) as well as online EEA forum discussions. Forward integration efforts on our airnode-enabled Supply Chain Module underway and Enterprise Sales Deck has been expanded to include GDPR integration. Finally, similar to the OBP achievement, efforts will continue on researching and outreaching other relevant industry associations.

Deliverables (Cycle #4)

For the #4 operations cycle, the enterprise-facing business development team’s goal is to achieve a first anchor OBP POC or enterprise Airnode integration through quarterly tech sprints and hackathons. Similarly, Cycle 3 started engagements are to be followed up on for progression toward workshop / POC / integration stage. The business development in question will be executed using a strategic approach that considers the general go-to-market strategy of the API3 project, technical readiness of Airnode integration beyond EVM, with results to be published in cooperation with the marketing team and in alignment with the overall marketing plan.

Explanation of Proposal Parameters:

  • Target contract address is the USDC token contract address, which is 0xa0b86991c6218b36c1d19d4a2e9eb0ce3606eb48
  • Target contract signature: transfer(address,uint256). This is the function to call on the target contract, which triggers a transfer of USDC tokens.
  • The parameters stated include the address these USDC are to be sent to, which should match the proposal address, followed by the number of USDC. USDC has 6 decimal places, and solidity is unable to deal with decimal places - hence we add 6 zeros after the proposed USDC number. The number of decimal places can be verified on the USDC contract page of Etherscan - https://etherscan.io/token/0xa0b86991c6218b36c1d19d4a2e9eb0ce3606eb48

This is submitted and ready to be voted on now - https://api3.eth.link/#/governance/secondary-2

I think you may have meant: https://api3.eth.link/#/governance/secondary-5 for the URL?

Proposal passed: https://api3.eth.link/#/history/secondary-5