[Secondary Proposal] API3 DAO Operations Proposal Cycle #10

API3 DAO Operations Team Proposal

Operations cycle: #10

Period: 1 February 2023 – 30 April 2023 (3 months)

Amount: $ 35480.39

Destination: Gnosis Safe (Multi-sig Wallet)

Address: 0x00128492458fdB7f50ffE655153Bc91aE06e00F5


  • 0x439A2D8c08751aD4E8130c2585c7108FD3957f0C
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  • 0xE0D6480ae69e7C4928a3F45E6cf5651e52741EC0

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The Business Operations Team has the responsibilities outlined below. The scope of the team will vary periodically, and this list represents the current state. Much of the current scope remains similarly aligned with previous cycles, and any new developments are specified within this proposal. While much of the Operations Team responsibilities are consistent between cycles, there is also an increasing element of process building and defining organisational architecture in new areas as needs arise on an ad hoc basis.

Any Responsibility laid out in this proposal that seems beyond the scope of the Operations vertical should be considered as something newly identified where foundational processes are currently being defined. This essentially serves as a way to fill gaps, set other teams up for success and act as a backstop of ‘last resort’ in terms of support.


  • Oversee general project development.

  • Coordinate key operations and facilitate effective collaboration between
    teams across verticals.

  • Continuous process building as required/needed.

  • Maintain, monitor and operate infrastructure.

  • Data Subject Access Requests.

  • GDPR Audits/Training.

  • Regulatory contact and management point.

  • Facilitate DAO onboarding.

  • Provide and maintain access to API3 operational infrastructure, including the provisioning of new users/contributors.

  • Access to and ongoing development of training resources and educational materials.

  • Business Documentation.

  • Design, maintenance, curation, and auditing as required.

  • Legal and Compliance Services.

  • Correspondence and negotiations with service providers, auditors,
    developers, partners, external counsel, partner projects and entities.

  • Ad hoc terms and agreement drafting and negotiation.

  • Compliance and regulatory research as required/requested.

  • Monthly Accounting Reconciliation processing with EBS.

  • Additional Operational Tasking as required (ad hoc).

Team Grants & Accounting Breakdown:


API3 Operations revolve around increasing the quality and effectiveness of the entire DAO through continued support, while aiding in the reduction of costs and inefficiencies where possible as the DAO evolves. The team at its core believes that it is always better to work efficiently, and so most of our endeavours revolve around reducing costs and increasing the quality of our overall output.

The majority of the team’s work is a regular series of daily operational tasks and management of internal business resources built to facilitate the successful operational functions of API3 on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. These relate to the maintenance and operation of critical tools, infrastructure, and regulatory compliance requirements such as GDPR, privacy, security etc. Most granular details are confidential by necessity for legal and operational reasons by request from counterparties.

Additionally, the operations team has been designed to serve as a readily available support vertical to all other API3 DAO teams. This means that the team plays an active role in identifying gaps and strategic initiatives, and then defines and builds the processes and structure needed to adapt to or fix an observed inefficiency or problem. As such, deliverables will revolve around increasing the quality and effectiveness of verticals DAO-wide whilst
aiding in the reduction of costs and inefficiencies as the DAO evolves and grows.

Restructuring - helping other teams/cost implications

As previously stated in more than one DAO operations proposal, one of the primary functions of the API3 Operations Team is to support and ‘backstop’ the other teams in API3. This can include tech and admin resources as required and, in some cases, temporary team budget assistance in certain circumstances. The first instance of this occurred in Cycle #9 during the restructuring of our internal teams.
The Integrations team was restructured, but the team budget had an outstanding financial liability to WorkDAO. This was paid in full from the Operations Team budget since the remaining Integrations Team funds had already been returned to the DAO due to the restructuring.
Covering this out of the Operations team’s cycle #9 budget left us with a slight grants shortfall for January, but Mark and Erich agreed to wait until cycle #10 commencement for the outstanding January grants so that the Integrations Team’s monetary liabilities could be cleared ASAP.

As part of this proposal we are requesting the reimbursement of the funds the Operations Team Budget paid out to cover this, so that the outstanding January grants for Operations team members can now be paid out together with the February grants.

Cycle #9 Deliverables Achieved:

  • Restructuring of teams successfully completed and managed.
  • Ongoing operational support provided to other API3 teams.
  • Additional Operational support provided to other API3 teams as needed during the restructuring transition.
  • Maintained and managed existing processes - marking and addressing areas for improvement as needed.
  • Continued drafting/negotiation/implementation of Enterprise proofs of concept as required.
  • Regulatory research and writings on general liability
  • Treasury management support and research as required.
  • Developed the working relationship with EBS LLC.
  • Drafted legal and regulatory update memo on API3.

Upcoming Cycle #10 Deliverables:

  • Full GDPR annual review and reassessment - commencing February 2023.
  • Operations support for the API3 ecosystem.
  • BD team will select a new CRM system to better fit the needs of the restructured teams.
  • Implement and provide operational support for the new CRM BD selects - as per standard API3 Operations Team function.
  • Operations support for the API3 ecosystem, including the new dAPI team and several initiatives around OEV.
  • Ongoing internal systems monitoring and support.

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