Simple ETH transfer with a DAO proposal

Before launching the authoritative DAO back in July 2021, we did a public test on Rinkeby. People used the DAO dashboard to create and vote on proposals that sent ETH, tokens and changed DAO parameters (for example the staking target).

There hasn’t been any proposals on mainnet that sent ETH. I figured that we will need that soon due to the treasury diversification proposal so I sent 0.001 ETH to the secondary agent and tried to create a proposal that sends it back to me. However, I found out that some newly added validation rules unintentionally disabled transferring ETH with no calldata (so I couldn’t even create the proposal).

The fix for that is now in production (which is why api3.eth and now point to a new deployment) and I created the proposal here. I recommend waiting for this to be executed successfully before transferring the procured ETH to the second agent.


thanks, voted
was wondering re eth transfers a while ago
would have been hilarious if there was no fix

It’s not really possible for there to be no fix because this is strictly a frontend limitation


Proposal passed and executed, I got my ETH back :tada: