Simultaneous proposals are difficult to review

When there are a lot of simultaneous proposals it becomes extremely difficult to review these, especially while working on time-critical tasks (or for non-grant recipient voters, if they have a life). I did this for two cycles now and it takes a few full days when done properly including all the communications, and the number and budgets of these teams are increasing. Making a proposal doesn’t automatically entitle that proposal to be considered, and I think teams should consider interlacing/alternating their schedule if they end up suffering from this.


100%. I see some more useful threads also being pushed down so some kind of filter and prioritizations would be useful.

For now, I say the budget proposals can be categorised and put into sub-folders vs other discussions. Both are important but some kind of systematic categorisation could work well as org scales. Not urgent task


I was thinking about this too. I’m thinking maybe I’ll submit mine at the beginning of the third month in the next cycle.