Staking takes me to wrong wallet

I have connect ledger live however when I enter staking amount and enter I am redirected to trust wallet which is not connected. How do I fix this

Hi Izudancer,
I can’t think of why it would be re-directing you to Trust Wallet after connecting to Ledger Live. have you tried logging out of Ledger Live and either restarting your browser or trying a different browser? If your wallet shows that it’s connected, you might try disconnecting and selecting a different wallet option. Let us know if you’re still having issues.

Did this get resolved?

No. I cleared my cache and used a different wallet with same same results. I think the issue is on wallet connect ledger is on page 2 in the same position as trust wallet on page one. Must be some similar code on page two of walletconnect that points to trust wallet

Unfortunately, there is no solution that I can suggest from what I see so far. Could you please reach out to me via Discord or Telegram for troubleshooting? I’d need more information to tackle the root of the problem.

Discord: MarcusG#6728
Telegram: @marcusapi3

If you don’t have TG or Discord, please reach out to me via DM and I will look deeper into your issue.