Update on API3 Portal’s activities

Dear API3 community,

Some of you would be familiar with API3 Portal. It is a community focused initiative that @Jiyad, @Headroom and I worked on developing. It has grown to a community of 250+, mainly on discord for now.

Portal has been live for about 6 weeks. While you would have seen the work across social channels, thought it would a good idea to share a consolidated update.

The Portal website and social channels (Discord, Telegram) were unveiled in October. For those who missed it, this article provides an overview of Portal

The objectives of Portal can be classified under these 3 buckets, and the current focus was #1 and #2

  • Ambassador Program: The program received overwhelming response, with over 400 applicants

  • Contests

    • Design challenge: We received some great designs and 8 finalists were shared with the community, for voting. 5 winners of this contest have been selected as ambassadors. The idea, as suggested by the community, was to select Ambassadors who are enthusiastic about contributing to API3

    • Content challenge: This was the second challenge. 3 finalists have been shortlisted and will be shared with the community soon (just some small fact checks and cleaning up required)

    • Etherstamp offered NFTS as prizes for both the contests (all the other work for Portal is currently funded by the team)

  • Community feedback

    • The first API3 sentiment check was done (if you missed it, you can check the findings here). To the credit of the API3 team, they took on board the community’s feedback and conducted community call on the product roadmap

    • The second sentiment check is now open for your inputs. It takes under a minute, do share your inputs here

  • We also tried two informal positioning statements, which appear to have clicked

    • “API3 is Oracles 2.0”, just as DeFI 2.0 was starting to buzz

    • API3 as “The Amazon of Data”

  • To our pleasant surprise, API3 as “Amazon of Data” was organically picked up by a Twitter influencer, who tweeted a writeup from the content challenge

It has been a busy few weeks, but we are only more excited on what all we take on next. While we are planning, it would be great to have inputs from the community, we are after all a community project. Please share your inputs here or join our [discord](https://discord.gg/qvEZjeRdEV)


nice try