What are the latest API3 updates?

Is there any API3 news? What are the latest updates about API3?

There are 4 good places to get the latest API3 updates.

  1. The Updates category on the API3 Forum
  2. The API3 DAO Twitter handle
  3. The API3 Medium publication
  4. The Announcements channel in the API3 Discord

The API3 Forum Updates category

The Updates category here on the forum lets you subscribe to be notified about updates. Any team member can post updates here.

You can subscribe to be notified about these updates by clicking the bell icon in the upper right and choosing what level of alerts you want to receive. I recommend “Watching First Post” but you can choose more granular notifications if you want.

The API3 DAO Twitter handle

The API3 DAO Twitter handle tweets about most updates as well as promotional and other generally interesting API3-related topics. You can follow API3 on Twitter to receive them.

The API3 Medium publication

The API3 Medium publication has longer form content about API3. It’s a great place to dig in and learn about the project. You can follow the publication to be notified when new articles are published.

The API3 Discord Announcements channel

We post links to announcements (usually from Twitter or Medium) in the Announcements channel in Discord. Join the API3 Discord to see them.

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