[WPR] Marketing - Ben - Apr 7th


  • Social media kit framework + draft twitter campaign for weather category
  • Planning of Enterprise Marketing toolkit + discussion with BD
  • UI refresh of catalog with @can / co-ordination with Entrecasa
  • Co-ordination between ESG DAO + ESG API
  • Cutting of edits / briefing of content to editor
  • Continuing to set up Monday for team visability i) marketing flows with Integrations + Enterprise & Dapps BD funnels ii) Set up form for API info capture iii) Synced video & content Trello boards
  • Integrating Typeform lead summary of ‘API Access Request’ inbound funnel to CRM
  • Feedback around Learning Platform + sync on marketing support for course creation by core tech team


  • PoC ideation with business development & delivery to end user
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