[WPR] Marketing - Ben C - Feb 10th

Feb 10th


  • Published first content piece on medium / linkedin
    [What Beacons are and why they matter to Web3: Without source-transparency is an Oracle decentralized? | by Ben Carvill | Feb, 2022 | Medium]
  • Organised partner announcement schedule. Will take ownership of the schedule and planning moving forwards.
  • Developer hub MVP shared with team for feedback. Briefed in ETHDenver sub-page wireframes.
  • Accepted as a mentor for ETHDenver
  • POAP ready for review & submission
  • Created ‘Metaverse’ & ‘DeFi’ tags within the API3 Alliance catalogue to share with ecosystem contacts. e.g Randomness, sports, weather // Crypto, commodity, forex
  • intro session to Monday.com (new project management tool)
  • Beacons lead capture form created as an embedded typeform, co-ordinated re the switch post ETHDenver.
  • Reviewed animation explainer video re Beacons, cancelled initiative.
  • Postman podcast booked in, Ryan recorded session


  • 2 x EVM protocol meetings set up
  • Outreach to circa 40 projects within Polygon ecosystem, positive engagement with a handful of follow up meets arranged
  • Set up own discord channel that tracks announcements from Polygon ecosystem, useful for insights
  • Weekly 30mins with Dave set up to sync re ops & strategy
  • Positive initial meet with Tier 1 Open Banking platform
  • Quote requested from Optimism based dApp
  • Progress with NEAR deployment plan


  • Spotlight videos uploaded to Youtube. Several new spotlight sessions booked in. New branded skin tested.
  • Planning started for London Web3 event with NEAR (+ potentially others). April has been pencilled in as a date.
  • Animated banners for partners announcements reviewed & cancelled
  • Telos self-deployed airnode, met with them and briefed in blog post to be created
  • Spoke with Polygon Metaverse lead, shared Polygon event invites.
  • Engaged the POKT team based on our past partnership re processes around RPC provision to support scaling. Also reached out to Infura.