[WPR] Marketing - Cypherbadger - Jan 9th

Bitcoin Based <> AP3 Latam community growth

  1. Mapping & Reseraching LN + LIquid Network bridge playground <>API3 tech <> web3 features. (Introducing our goals/airnode/beacons with bitcoin-based developers, and projection about supporting bitcoin massive adoption in El Salvador,)
  2. BH sandbox <> OBP <> API3 on production beta-phase (follow up meetings & setting up calendar agenda + Pre-Proposal planning, integrating Airnode directly with de bank).
  3. Follow up bankathon projects. (Introducing new community members to the API3 dev - playground/Discord)
  4. Making sense with RSK data feeds/oracle deployment. (Posible oracle solution for RSK-RIff ecosystem).
  5. Blockstream Data feeds <>API3 beacons <> web3 (researching and mapping capabilities/opportunities).
  6. Planning Bitcoin-based meetups to introduce/pitch API3 open source technology for differents use cases over bitcoin-based development communities.

ETH based <> API3 Latam community growth

  1. Track/mapping all the different web3/eth/evm based communities around latam <> to embrace the API3 landscape. (Telegram + Discord)
  2. Planning our pre-proposal contribution/participation on different events Road to Devcon.
  3. Planning to integrate API3 <> Devcon Hackathons.
  4. Institutional DAOs based on BItcoin with ETH/EVM infra. (Researching and consulting legal capabilities on EL Salvador).

Marketing General

  • Writing a quick guide to contribute/use API3m playground for no business-based experiments with Airnode + Beacons. (Setting first experiment playground around QRNG API)(Based on discord or github communication)

  • Setting a new channel on discord for the “API3-Latam-Playground”, for open communities initiative/experiments with API3 open codes. (Testnet phase, figuring out how to configure this effort to attract more Latino developers to API3.).

  • Beginning article/contentet translations on the momentum of ETHDenver + Beancos in Spanish.


Hey Andreas, you’re right Riff looks like an interesting product from RSK. Lets have a quick chat this week on RSK to make sure we’re not duping efforts.

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