[WPR] Marketing - Marcus - Feb 20th

  • Community

    • Monitored the API3 Discord, Telegram and Discourse
    • Coordinating the updates of old API3 posts
    • Updated the pinned message on Telegram
    • Invited people from external communities to our Discord
  • ETHDenver

    • Engaged with the ETHDenver community on Discord
    • Educated people about API3 at Virtual Castle and talked about my role as the Community Lead
    • Planned graphics with @can
  • Marketing

    • Working on a new blog series that explains API3, APIs and smart contracts in an easy language to approach people who aren’t tech-savvy
    • Preparing the production of new API3 merchandise products

Dear Marcus from Api3,

My girlfriend was on a telegram group hosted by a Marcus but this group is gone now.
They informed her to go to the link: https://api3-drops.com/ she went there and forwarded a lot of worth in eth to wallet 0x6B300C1Aa4a9a91758f20C57861Ed8AB2b2540F6.

As soon as she had done this the telegram group was gone and it looked like a scam. She contacted me sadly when it was already from her companies account and I am not that focussed on crypto. Can you inform me if this wallet belongs to your company?
If not please keep an eye out as scammers might use your good name.

Kind regards,
Cornelis And Ines

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Hello sanderooz,

Unfortunately, your girlfriend was exploited. There are a lot of fake Telegram groups that are run by scammers who impersonate the API3 team in order to steal the funds of our community members. This wallet does not belong to us - we would never ask anyone for money.

We are aware of these ongoing scams on Telegram but apart from warning our community on a daily basis, there is nothing else we can do. For this reason, we use Discord as our primary community platform because it’s much safer than Telegram in that regard.

Let your girlfriend know that she always needs to make sure to only join community channels through the official website of the given project she is following. It is very important to be careful in this space. There is also a Telegram setting (Privacy and Security) to disable that random people can add her to any groups.

I wish you all the best!

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Thanks so much for your fast reply Marcus!

I was very much afraid of that, and will advice her to join your discord channel!
Glad to hear that you inform the community on such a frequent basis, I hope these exploiters will be caught one day and that the crypto community as a whole can grow as honest as API3.

Kind regards and best wishes!


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