[WPR] Marketing - Ry - Feb 27th

Hi! I’m Ry, I’m the new part-time social media lead. Sorry for the delayed progress report, I started the very week of ETHDenver (Feb 14th) and had to juggle a rapid onboarding alongside posting, so this will cover the last two weeks.

ETHDenver (Twitter, LinkedIn, Discord):

  • Daily reminder announcements about upcoming API3 events
  • BUIDLathon announcements and info
  • Announcements of video recordings of API3 speeches/sessions

Other Announcements (Twitter, LinkedIn):

  • Kassandra/Heimdall
  • Telos


  • Onboarding
  • Familiarising myself with API3 tech, principles, products (Beacon and Airnode)
  • Getting to know our internal marketing tools