[WPR] Marketing - Tom - August 19

Website design:

  • meeting with site designer and team to discuss university page and best way to communicate designs moving forward: mockups vs writeups.
  • Website copy: /developers
  • Wireframes with Can to assist with text visualization and feedback on /developers direction.
  • Meeting with the Marketing team: covered Blockchain Korea and product focus.
  • Organized Slack discussion on /developers and existing Dev Hub designs.
  • Meeting with Ben, Emily, Ashar, Ryan and Can about /developers


  • Started misconceptions of decentralization, long form on the foundations of decentralization and where people’s focus may be misguided seeing as there are greater bottlenecks in the system.
  • Getting APIs on the Blockchain: realized I could edit some of the old author’s posts. Fixed links to reference replacement articles, and me as the author of these new articles.
  • Edited out misconception of security guarantee from an old article