:api3: API3 DAO Example Proposal Template

This post will walk you through an example format for official governance proposals at the API3 DAO. It should not be seen as a definitive template but used as a guideline of possible things to consider for an official proposal.

  • Title - Post each proposal with a clear title around its objective. This will look as follows: [Proposal] - XXXXXX. Ideally, this matches the title of the proposal that was submitted on-chain.

  • Ordering - Please do not assign a number to your proposal. The ordering of the proposal will be assigned by moderators according to the numbering of the DAO.

  • Detail - While we encourage everyone to participate, please try to consider all viewpoints and provide a deep level of detail regarding the thoughts that went into a proposal.

  • Voting - Not every proposal will be ratified. There is no hard criteria regarding what deems a proposal eligible to be implemented, though a good rule of thumb is the more engagement it has, the more likely it is to be incorporated.

  • Ethos - The goal of governance is to create a more inclusive and empowering system for all stakeholders. We encourage proposal creators to center their ideas around how a proposal helps API3 users, partners and DAO members and how the suggestions benefit the ecosystem in the long-term.

When you’re ready to submit a proposal, please follow this format to the best of your ability.

API3 DAO Proposal Format:

  1. Summary - 3-4 sentences on what the proposal is about and what changes are being suggested without going into deep detail. The summary should end with pointing out if the proposal was submitted using the primary or secondary agent.

  2. Abstract - Expanded summary introducing the proposal, what it entails and details around what would change should the proposal be implemented.

  3. Motivation - Describe the motivation behind the proposal, the problem(s) it solves and the value it adds. This is your chance to show why this proposal is necessary, and how the changes would benefit API3 if implemented.

  4. Specification - ‘The devil is in the detail’. This is your chance to go into deep detail around the changes that will happen both on a technical and social level. The more detail, the better.

  5. Benefits - Point out core benefits of the proposal implementation and how it will affect the DAO.

  6. Drawbacks - Highlight any drawbacks from implementing the proposal and points to consider.

  7. Vote - Clearly outline what voting “For” and “Against” entails. Please also include a forum poll directly under this post, so members of the DAO can see the general sentiment towards it, especially if you did not create a sentiment check beforehand.

When mapping out a vote, remember the following:

For - Formalizes the DAO is “for” the details outlined in this proposal including all made points.
Against - Formalizes the DAO is “against” the proposal including all made points.

For questions, comments or concerns on any of the above, please comment below or join the API3 Discord!


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