API3 DAO <> Grindery.io

Given that API3 DAO is working to create Web3 apis, I’m reaching out on behalf of Grindery [dot] io who is helping to create re-usable tools for DAOs. We’re working on building Zapier for Web 3, which dovetails nicely with what you’re focused on.

We would love to work with API3 DAO. We have a partnership with the people at Polygon, so I’m reaching out to DAOs on their network.

To give you an idea of what we’re building, here are some of the use cases we have:

  1. Payout system - on a triggering event, execute payout to appropriate wallets.
  2. Ping - When your wallet receives a payment, you get a notification.
  3. Take transactions that happen on the blockchain and post relevant data into a spreadsheet.
  4. When a proposal is submitted, send out a tweet (or other message platform).
  5. Your own idea for connecting Web3 events with Web2 APIs.

We’ve also got a grant program with our funding from Binance to help build these tools for DAOs. Would love to know if this interests you. We can set up a telegram group with you and our core team to facilitate the conversation.

Let’s connect on telegram to keep the conversation going: @chefmattrock