Api3 deposit inquiry assistance request

Can you advise whom I would talk to, regarding a deposit I made (from MetaMask wallet: 0xee0B0011fBB4e567e65c6eE131282dB62912785f) to what appears to be an old API3 POOL Contract address (0x6dd655f10d4b9E242aE186D9050B68F725c76d76) on 04/21/2022. I have yet to receive credit for it in my associated wallet; or have I sent it to “nowhere”? Any insights you can provide, will be greatly appreciated.

Current API3 Smart Contracts addresses:

Thank you,

Hello @JDub,

if you manually sent your tokens to that contract, they are gone. Please never send tokens manually to any of the API3 contracts, instead use the dashboard to deposit your tokens if you would like to stake.

You can reach the DAO dashboard through the following links:

Is there anything else I may help you with?

Hello Marcus,

Thanks for the response. Lesson learned :frowning:

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