API3 not sending from metamask

Hey guys, hoping to get some help here. I bought API3 on kucoin and transfered to my metamask wallet, but I’m having problems depositing to stake. I connected my wallet and when I press deposit, it shows the balance of API3 I have available on metamask. However if I bring up the transaction preview on metamask with the gas fee’s etc to approve, it shows no value that’s being sent just the gas fee. I thought that was weird but approved it and paid ~$35 in gas fees, and no API3 was sent. Still in my metamask wallet. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? Wanting to stake my tokens, so any tips / advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hello @JDHade. Sorry for the late reply. Has your issue been resolved already?

Hello Marcus, unfortunately it has not.

Can you provide me with your token address? If you don’t want it to be public, you can drop me a DM here or contact me via Telegram or Discord for troubleshooting.

TG: @marcusapi3
Discord: Marcus | API3#6728

Hello Marcus,

Sorry for the late reply. Here are my transaction details for depositing what I thought was my API3 from metamask, which didn’t actually send anything and I paid a gas fee for nothing.

Does this have the information you need? I can send more details if needed.


This is just a token approval, it was not for nothing - like most places outside of exchanges you’ll need to pay an approval tx to allow the API3 DAO to “spend” your tokens (or a certain amount as per permissions)

Once approved, which it has as per your link,

you will now be able to make another tx to deposit and stake

Hello Auvi,

I still have it all on metamask cannot deposit API3 from metamask though, as shown in the screenshot on my forum post. When I press deposit and select all my API3, the metamask transaction that pops up is just the gas fee for etherium and no API3 balance.

This should be normal as it is a contract interaction - you can see the process on the official staking guide video here - Authoritative DAO Tutorial - Deposit and Withdraw - YouTube

He approves first, then deposits (though you can deposit and stake in 1 tx)