Community Engagement

I want to start off by saying you guys have an awesome project! I wanted to share some constructive criticism. I feel the community engagement could be improved. I have collaborated with multiple people who support the API3 project and they also agreed to the same. One example is the API3 Twitter account. Unfortunately in today’s fast paced world, people like to be spoon fed and don’t like to read much. I deal with these type of people at work all the time. The likeliness of someone following a forum link is not as high compared to someone consuming a one paragraph tweet. It would be more fruitful for Twitter followers to get as much info as they could from a tweet rather than follow multiple links. I’ve seen many accounts post tweets as threads, which seem to be effective. I feel that increasing community engagement on Twitter will also help increase the number of followers. More followers would help increase awareness of this awesome project. Strong community = Increased Adoption. That’s just my 2 cents. : )

That’s a good idea. What about threads where the first tweet is the summary with the link to the blog article but the subsequent tweets have the points most people really want to hear?